“Pa-Pah! Pa-Pah!”

Sweetie was given the privilege of speaking for the Upper School Chapel today, so the girls and I ditched ballet class 😛 and headed out eating canadian bacon and (not so much of the) french toast on the 25 minute ride to “Papa’s School!” in the morning.  It’s always a treat whenever we visit S at school because his students literally scream & go crazy for the kids!  Hudson is such the BMOC too- he can’t walk across campus without at least 5 kids yelling out, “Hudsoooon!” and giving him knuckles.  (Is it “giving him” knuckles?  Why does that sound lame/like I’m not with it?…haha and how come “with it” sounds lame too?!)  Anyways. Knuckles.  Or Knucks.  We then went and snuck HP out of class, and of course he was excited to get to hear “Papa’s preaching,” but how come as soon as we got him he says to me, “Mooommie, we were in the middle of doing our spelling words.”  What kid in their right mind wouldn’t want to get pulled out of class I ask you?!?  hahaha.  So true to his nature.

Slide is of course in Mr. Kim’s signature color- they know him so well. 😛

S’s students were so excited he was going to speak this week.  One sweet girl even asked him if they should hold up banners and give him a standing ovation afterwards, chanting “Pa-pah!  Pa-pah!”  hahaha.  We are so blessed with so many people at our school who love him and our family so much!  His message was on John 10:10.  “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”  (You can hear it here if you like).  He did awesome.  I always LOVE hearing S preach and get so excited for him too!  I think he was extra charged because he just came back from 3 FULL days of soaking in the Word.  It was quite serious in the beginning and even throughout until he used the analogy of eating at a Korean buffet.  It was the perfect way to illustrate how we don’t place God high enough in our lives and forget about the abundant life He gives, so we let the petty temptations in life get the best of us… Sweetie and his food analogies!

Besides BG’s occasional, “Papa!” echoing throughout the gym causing some smiling heads to turn, the kids sat really well throughout the message -after several talks & reminders (mainly the girls) beforehand of course.  BF kept asking me in a not-so-much-of-a-whisper voice, “M o m m i e…do I get bunny fruit snacks?”

Our three pups during closing prayer…yes, that is how BG closes her eyes, and is that HP yawning??

BF trying to “help” BG during closing prayer (please excuse the skirt).

It is simply “Ah-may-zing” how God works. S brought home this letter from one of his students that very same day!

I couldn’t help but to think how proud Mommie would have been if she were to have heard S’s message today.  She was always the one who prayed the most for him before, and encouraged him so much whenever he preached.  She would have smiled, and given him a biiiig thumbs up… “Great job, Keem Mohk-Saah!  I’m SO proud of you.”


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