‘Easy-Peasy’ Chicken Tostadas

Whenever I bring home a rotisserie chicken and start to take it apart for the week, the first thing I do is set aside the drumsticks for our 2 school-pups’ lunchity lunches the next day.  Drumsticks are so convenient- so easy to hold and eat, and, no assembly required!  (I just wrap the “stick” part with a napkin so their hand doesn’t get all slimy.) In fact, after school at pick-up a few weeks ago, BF said, “Mommie, today Isabella asked me why do I always have chicken drumsticks in my lunch.”  I guess it never occured to her until Isabella pointed it out so now she was questioning why?  So I said, “When paired with a whole grain snack, fruit & veggie and a piece of cheese, they make the perfect school-lunch……just tell Isabella, ‘because they are good and because you love them.'”  I guess I pack them more often than I thought.

After all of the shredding, the options are endless!  There are so many things you can do with leftover chicken.  Chinese chicken salad? (Most-often made and our 3 pups’ favorite). Tortilla soup, chicken salad sandwiches, quesadillas, pasta with chicken?  When I went to the store and saw these tostada shells though, I knew I wanted to break from our regular rotation. I was inpired to make a version of Taco Schmell’s, only BETTER (and not to mention, healthier and cheaper)!  Plus, they are just plain fun to eat.  Who doesn’t want a crunchy mexican pizza? And all kids like anything crispy or crunchy!   The rest of the ingredients are basic essentials for us and can always be found in our fridge or pantry.  Besides having to do a little bit of chopping, this recipe is what our family (and Charlie & Lola whom we are obsessed with right now) would describe as “easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!”   And if you have yourself a handsome sous chef named Uncle Joe 😛 who likes to do that sort of thing, (as much as I love cilantro, I do not like the plucking leaves off stems and chopping part), you won’t even have to do the chopping!

See what I mean by Easy Peasy? (Notice the ALREADY chopped cilantro & green onions? :P) Ingredients who missed out on the photo: the chicken & green salsa. Any extra Taco Bell sauce packets just add to that Taco Bell taste!

Don’t you just love hungry BG’s little head peering over the table in the background? I kept seeing this tiny hand reaching over for  some lettuce!

I wasn’t so sure how difficult it might be for little hands and mouths to hold and bite into these, but I just cut BG’s into small pizza-like slices, and it turned out to be fairly easy for all of them!  As you can see, you must cringe and have a mad look on your face whenever you take a bite.  😛

“AArrrrrg!”-face #1

Squiggly-lines-between-the-eyebrows-face #2

Aaaaand, good ol’, BF.  (Saved the best for last!)

You can pretty much do whatever you like with whatever you have using this recipe.  No chicken?  Just add the beans.  Top your tostada with whatever you have in the fridge!  No tostada shells? How about tortilla chips?…Make chicken nachos!  The whole point is that it’s remember, easy peasy!  The tomatoes and lettuce add freshness and a nice crunch, and, because there’s absolutely no cooking involved, we even got in a quick family bike ride around the block a few times right before dinner time as an extra-added bonus.  Yay!

Chicken Tostadas

Here’s what we used…

Tostada shells

Leftover cooked chicken, shredded (chopped into tiny bits for the little ones)

Can of refried beans

Shredded cheddar cheese (or your cheese of choice!)

Avocado, mashed

Tomatoes, diced up

Shredded lettuce

Green onions, chopped



(Taco Bell) or any kind of Hot Sauce

The Process:

1.  Smear a few of tablespoons of refried beans onto tostada shell to make a thin layer and place on a microwavable plate.

2.  Spread some chicken over the beans.  (Add a sprinkling of cumin and  drizzle some green salsa on top here for grown-up eaters like I did for S).

3.  Sprinkle on some cheese.

4.  Microwave for 30 seconds or just until the chesse melts.

5.  Smear a layer of mashed avocado.

6.  Top with lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro.

And that’s it!  There you have it.  Put on your mad face and enjoy.

Oh what to do with all of those leftover bits of chopped veggies, chicken, beans and avocado? Why, make burritos to pack for school lunches tomorrow of course!


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