This Weekend…

Have you ever tried taking a photo of a 2 1/2 year old with her doggie and getting them both to look at the camera at the same time?

Our neighbors must have thought I was crazy- whose shrieky voice IS that?!?…”Gracieee, SCULLY!  Look HERE!  Gracie!  WhooOOO! (That’s supposed to be a whistling sound.) Gracie look up!  Scully!  Stay!  Tch Tch Tch!…”

Other than the fact that Scully doen’t seem too terribly happy here, it’s not a bad shot, right? (How come the best one was taken 2nd or 3rd out of at least 10-15 deleted others!? :P)

So meet Scully.  Otherwise known in our household as Scales, Scales Pup, Skulls, Skullikins……This is his first appearance on homesweetiehome.  Welcome Scallywags!  This is merely a brief introduction and the first of many future posts on our precious 1st Pup.

“Okay, so how many more pictures is she gonna have me sit like this for?…”

We had such a myriad of things in the fridge that needed to be eaten, but I wasn’t sure how to put them all together!  So I ended up  making this,

Crispy hash browns *one of our potato-loving family’s favorites! Halmoni was famous for her hash browns. She had that magic touch and they always came out super-extra-crispy somehow!

and THIS,

Grilled turkey, spinach, & sharp cheddar cheese on whole wheat sandwich (pictured with Papa’s all-time favorite chips).

and THIS,

Roasted Broccoli & Garlic…THE BEST and ONLY way we cook broccoli!

and THIS,

Chinese Chicken Slaw…our recipe to come!

and, THIS…

Roasted Broccoli & Caramelized garlic with Whole Wheat Rotini…simply heat a bit of extra-virgin olive oil in a pan, toss in (already roasted) broccoli, gah-lic, and pasta, and sprinkle on some parmesan chez!

Let me demonstrate!

S just stood there watching the madness unfold in the kitchen and shaking his head… 😛

Saturday night, for a ‘special treat,’ we got to see S’s school’s production of one of our most beloved musicals!

If you know us at all, you would know that we are indeed a musical-loving family.   I was fortunate enough to grow up watching many of the classic movies, was able to enjoy quite a few actual shows in my college years, and, S & I have seen some of our favorites together too!  It wasn’t until after we got married that S introduced me to this one though…it’s one of the best things he’s EVER done. 😛  We watched it on the tiny 12-inch Orion VHS TV Mom got for us for our first teeny, tiny 400 sq. ft. place, 😛 and  since I used to work as a Librarian in an Elementary School,  S would sometimes call me his “Madame Librarian” after, Marian, the Librarian. kekeke….  I rather liked it.  This musical has one of the sweetest lullabies ever too.  Yes, you may find it a tad bit cheesy, but it’s all about the melody, okay?  We sang it to our babies when they were babies, and sometimes even now, as bigger babies…. We sort of love the Music Man.

S got one of his students to babysit BG, and BF happily exclaimed, “We’re going on a date night!”  I felt so bad BG couldn’t join us, but she didn’t seem to mind…you should have seen her jumping up and down, blowing kisses, and waving “Byyyyee! Byyyyeee!” as we were driving away.

Please excuse the bluriness…an inexperienced photographer, insufficient lighting, plus moving hands that kept reaching into the popcorn bag!

“”Cause he doesn’t know the territory!” “Shoopupi!” “Ooooh the Wells Fargo Wagon is-a comin’ down the street oh please let it be for meeee!””  “Four…Grecian…Urns…”  Having already seen the movie once (on VHS :P) and listened to the CD many, many times, the kids looooved every minute of it.

…And so did I!!!

I’m really not that short. I don’t know why I’m crouching down like that…I think it’s because I didn’t think we’d all fit b/c our photographer (*thanx Angie! :P) seemed really close?

Some of the best quotes from throughout the evening (from our 2 pups, not the musical :P):

–  On our way to the musical, Hp exclaims, “Next stop!  River City!” hahahaha  (Okay, so maybe not quite as funny/cute if you haven’t seen the musical?…gasp!)

–  Towards the beginning, Bf whispers to me, “Mommie.  I don’t think I can clap really well because of my paper cut.”

–  Bf was a bit confused about the lighting (or lack thereof) during scene changes, and this went on throughout the entire show…

“Who turned off the lights!??”

“Is that the end Papa?”

“Why are the lights off?”

“Is it done?”

–  Afterwards,  I asked the kids what their favorite parts were…Hp says he liked the part in the train and “Shoopupi” the best.  (He is singing it while dancing in the bathroom.  I love it.)  Bf?  She says, “the bare necessities!”  ummmm…wrong musical/movie bf.  (She says this because she just likes to be silly like that sometimes.)

I left the CD out for them in the morning because I knew they’d eventually ask, and, just as I thought, we could hear 76 trombones  BLASTING from their room!  :0)

And finally, Papa took us to (use our coupons :P) get a ‘special treat’ after church today!  It’s ALL ABOUT special treats in our family!

Here’s a picture from last year…how come they are growing so fast!?!  Just look at Hudson’s lace-up shoes in the photo above… No more velcro!

Hope your weekend was as fun as ours!  xo


7 thoughts on “This Weekend…

  1. aww skullykins is BACK! just in time! heheheee
    all these pictures of your food are making me drool 😦
    and the jean jacket makes an appearance, woohoo! please tell your fashionable children to STOP GROWING SO QUICKLY

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