‘Easy Peasy’ Tortilla Soup!

I know, I promised you the Chinese Chicken Salad recipe…  But it was cold.  And rainy.  And sort of wet.  So it’s soup for today!  If I had a “Ridiculously Easy Peasy” category here, this one would definitely fall under it.  Because this recipe really  is THAT ridiculously easy, stress free, AND, has the added bonus of NO clean up!  (Unless you count throwing things in to the trash “cleaning up.”)  Whenever anyone asks me for the recipe for this here tortilla soup (which they almost always do),  I always laugh and say, “RECIPE!?!?  What recipe!?!?  SERIOUSLY (insert whoever’s name here),  this is the EASIEST (PEASIEST) recipe you’ll ever make.  It’s soooo not. even. funny.”  Next time they ask, I think I will maybe just walk over to our recylcing bin, and show them this:

(But you can just hide the evidence and pretend you made it from scratch if you like :P.)  You didn’t believe that it really was that easy now did you?  Not to mention healthy (my favorite part), and relatively cheap to make too.  Mommie really liked it whenever I made this soup for her.  It will make you feel all warm and nice inside…perfect for cold and wet days like these!

Now here’s what you need (lined up straight this time):

One of the cans of chicken broth and an additional box of stock missed out on the picture…so did the green onions.

Yes, that is indeed shredded chicken you see there, which means that this recipe is another one you can use up that leftover cooked chicken in!  (I really need to make a “Leftover Chicken Recipe” category.)  For the other items, I like to buy the low sodium version if it’s available, because we could all use a little less sodium in our lives.  I also doubled the recipe because we eat alot here, Uncle Joe was coming over, and, so Mommie didn’t have to cook an extra meal we could all enjoy it for one more night!  Now I have to warn you, after you throw everything into the pot, it might not look very appetizing, because of the black beans.  They give the soup a slightly murky, off-colored look.  See?

Without the rainbow of colors from the veggies and toppings, doesn’t the soupy part look like what the wicked old lady would be stirring in her black cauldron while waiting to put Hansel and Gretel in after they had been fattened up?  Yoo-Gee-El-Why.  But we’re all about taste here, so we don’t mind- right? 😛  Poor soup.  I think he looks rather nice after he’s been all dressed up by his friends avocado, cilantro and CHEEEEESE though…

Ooey, gooey, cheesey goodness.   (Thank you to a very hungry Uncle Joseph who had to hold his spoon up & wait to eat his dinner so I could get a shot of the cheesy goodness.)

So get out your black cauldron, pop open some cans, and don’t forget to sprinkle on a handful of crushed tortilla chips for that extra crunch! (*A word about tortilla chips below.)

Oooey-gooey-cheesiness plus tortilla-chip-crunch!

‘Easy Peasy’ Tortilla Soup

For the Soup:

  •                     1 (15 ounce) can whole kernel corn, drained
  •                     3 (14.5 ounce) cans chicken broth (homemade is nice!)
  •                     1 can condensed chicken soup (2 if you want a thicker consistancy)
  •                     1 (15 ounce) can black beans (drain if you like)
  •                     1 (10 ounce) can diced tomatoes with green chile peppers, drained (use mild for the kids or people like me who can’t handle anything remotely spicy)
  •                     shredded cooked chicken

The process:

Throw all of the above in a pot and heat till nice and warm!


Avocado, cilantro, CHEESE, green onions, crushed tortilla chips, hot sauce

*A word on our FAVORITE tortilla chips.  Corazonas.  We love them.  We used to get the flax seed ones from Trader Joe’s but after we tried these, the kids didn’t like those too much :P.  They are whole grain, super light and flaky, and are some of the best tortilla chips you will ever eat.  You can get them at pretty much any grocery store, but they can be pricey so we subscribe and save.  (But only go through a bag or maybe two a month mind you.)  I told you we love them. 😛

Get yourself some Corazones. They are good for your corazon.


9 thoughts on “‘Easy Peasy’ Tortilla Soup!

  1. oooh yummy. must try this. just got some black beans so I could incorporate it into bd’s foods. i know he will love it. i love your blog!!

  2. *drooooool* and i so remember those corazon chips (i can’t find them out here!). and whatever lynnie, you make EVERYTHING look easy peasy!

  3. I was actually thinking of you and this recipe *just* the other day since we were talking about how I don’t make Mexican food at all. Yay, great job on your blog!

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