“Whooo wants to go to Souplantation?!?”…

“Me! Meeee!”

Just like the sign says, Welcome to Souplantation!

 I know, we drive past it and get coupons in the mail all the time and think, “haven’t been there in a while,” right?  Or not even think twice about it at all.  Especially if you are like S and always ask, “Where’s the MEAT.”  (S thinks Souplantation is only good for the dinner you eat the night before you run a marathon for carb-loading.)  I still remember (waaaay back) when it first opened and the concept of the all-you-can eat salad bar was a fairly new phenomenon (or at least to our family  it was).  All-you-can-eat?!  Fresh, hot steamy bread?  Soft serve? …All-you-can-eat?!  Our whole family would get the clam chowdah, Mommie always made the baked potatoes look so good, and Daddy and I would get Chinese Chicken salad. We all had our usual!  Then there were the freshly-baked mini chocolate chip cookies.  They would bring them over to your table and deliver them hot out of the oven (for FREE)!  Our family loved it, and if we had a restaurant we visited most back then, (besides this Chinese restaurant where they played a live grand piano), it would most likely be the Plantation of the Soups.

I think you have a bit of ice cream on your nose there Uhn-nee.

 This is where the girls and I have been coming for lunch on Tuesdays after Bible Study lately whenever we aren’t on-the-go.  And by on-the-go, I mean trying to feed them while they are riding/barely sitting/jumping up and down in the shopping cart at Target where all the other SAHM’s are busy doing (trying to do) their returns and buying 4 dollar skirts to wear to school too.  If I already know we’ll be busy running errands, I’ll pack something like PB&J with carrot crushers and snacks the night before to maximize my time…Sometimes I find myself tempted to just skip the packing of the lunches and give in to a drive thru for some nuggets though.  There definitely are times we do it, but one of my least favorite things is feeding our pups fast food, (for obvious reasons), plus the cost of a homemade PB&J vs. a kids meal?  Mommie used to take the kids out to Souplantation every once in a while for lunch after Bible Study for a special treat,  so a couple of months ago the girls and I just decided we’d check it out, and stayed, because… for a mere THIS:

And no, the cashier did not notice me snapping a quick photo of the money- she was too busy playing with the girls! (She was so sweet…thank you Souplantation lady!)

…they get to eat as much as they want of THIS!

Yes, the salad bar still looks the same…:P  S’s fav (if/when he goes there) is the broccoli salad.

No, No Bf! Not with your haaaands…!?!

 I’m trying to introduce some new things they don’t typically eat each time we go, but here’s what the girl’s usually get:

We come here for the chicken noodle soup. Sure beats Panera’s $6 chicken noodle minus the sodium! (And plenty of green onions for BG. She loves them so much she will eat them RAW out of a bag.)

Total cost for a 2 1/2 year-old and her 4 1/2 year-old sistah both with biiiiig appetites?   A whoppin’ $3.76!  (Plus tip.)  That includes one milk (or juice) which we split too.  We really get our money’s worth. 😛  That’s less than the cost of ONE smoothie at Jamba Juice or coffee drink at Starbuck’s!!  So we’re feeding TWO for less than the cost of ONE UN-healthy kid’s meal anywhere!  I rave about what a good deal it is to S after every. time. we. go.  Just ask him. He’ll tell you.

Bg absolutely LOOOOVES milk. If you’re not careful, she’ll drink yours. She drinks gallons and gallons a day and calls it “Nilk.”

Here is a (random) photo of Hp…because we wished he could be there with us, because he’d love it & probably eat more than even a grown-up would, and because I always miss him so when he is in school.

Doesn’t his smile just make YOU wanna smile??? 😛

We’re going to get dessert so please don’t clear our table…

Bf ALWAYS makes sure that our sign is up whenever we go to get more food!

 This goes without saying, but their favorite part is of course just that!

With sprinkles of course! (Someone needs to change out the Shamrock color though…it’s Easter-time now.) Bf’s favorite “desserts” are the orange slices and chinese crispy noodles from the salad bar.

 (I really wish I got a photo of that pink fluff they have at the dessert bar…what is it and who eats that stuff anyway?)

Have you ever seen such concentration?

Bf looks like she’s praying over her soft serve…”THANK YOU GOD.  For ice cream!”

 Our little one REALLY LOVES ice cream.  Too bad I was (still am :P) big on “too much sugar” so Hudson never really ate it till he was nearly FOUR years old and she had her first not too long after her 1st birthday!…It’s a third-child thing.  *Btw, don’t you think she sorta looks like the little girl on her shirt?  (Thanks MoMo!)  So sad, we hardly ever get Bg new clothes…It’s a third-child thing.

I should mention that the Souplantation we go to is small, and not nearly as crazy and loud as most others can get, which makes it very nice when you are trying to leave your booth as lit-tle as possible.  And with all the delivery & feeding of the food, it may be a little challenging for parents with little ones to get to eat themselves, but isn’t it always? 😛  Overall, they’ve made it pretty family-friendly (they even have special wheely seats for you to push your children who are not quite mobile yet through the salad bar line) with tons of healthy options and your typial kid-favorite foods like mac ‘n cheese & pizza too.  If you have a little more time to fit in a sit-down meal, it’s a super-great deal!  Especially if you have kids who can eat alot.  Like ours.  🙂

Now if you will please excuse me, I need to go figure out what to pack BG for an on-the-go lunch…we’ve got errands to run!  😛


4 thoughts on ““Whooo wants to go to Souplantation?!?”…

  1. gah haven’t been to souplantation in ages! (thanks a lot teddy mr. i need to eat meat at dinner). can i come next time? it’ll be just us girls?!

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