School Days, Hudson, and Psalm 23

Our precious pup, Hudson is in the First grade.  Every day, he gets to go to school with his Papa, “Mr. Kim,” Bible and AP Bio teacher at SFC.  Since it is a K-12 school and they are on the same campus, S can take him each morning, and on most days, (except during football season :P), brings him home after school (praise the Lord)!  Sometimes even Bf too!  Because S leaves pretty early in the morning, he gets the car running, making it nice and toasty, literally carries Hp out of bed in his jammies, and lays him down in the back seat where he’s set up a cozy little “bed” for the 25-minute ride to school- just so he can get in those extra minutes of sleep.  (Yes, S really IS that awesome.  He does it all.)  He says it’s the best part of his day.  They are, and always have been, two peas in a pod!

I get H’s school uniform ready and always pack their (rather hearty) breakfasts and lunches the night before so S can get him all set for school as soon as they get there.  After a quick change in the car and breakfast in Papa’s classroom (sometimes with class in session too) Hp is ready to go!  They’ll go over spelling words, just hang out together, or even build DNA models.  It’s nice because Hudson is easy like that.  (You can take him anywhere and it’s FUN!)  Last week he even got to join the AP Bio class for an extra-early 6am breakfast at Denny’s!  S has taught several different classes for a good number of years at SFC and (for a long list of reasons), we are SOOO very blessed to be able to send Hudson there too.  He absolutely LOOOOVES school, and everything about it.  Every day is NEW and exciting to him and he always has so much to share when he comes home.  I. just. love. it.

Papa & son even made it into the school newsletter last year!

This last particular Tuesday after school, Hp brought home THIS!

You can imagine just HOW ECSTATIC I was!  (S’s reaction was a bit different as he tends to express his excitement in more subtle ways ;P).  AW Yeeeah!  You are looking at one of SFC’s first grade representatives for the 2012 ACSI Speech Meet!  The first thought I had was of how proud his Halmoni (my mom) would be.  The one thing she always prayed for was that her “descendants” would know the Lord and love Him with all of their hearts.  More than any other academic or athletic prize, this would have been the most special in her eyes.  Look, your (chubby :P) little grandson isn’t so little anymore Mommie!

Hudson’s 2nd Birthday with his beloved Halmoni

On Tuesday, each child had to memorize a poem and Psalm 23 and choose one to recite in front of three judges.  There’s even a pretty intense-looking rubric of what they’re looking for…good eye contact, intonation, etc.  Hudson was SO excited that he was going to get to recite the poem he’d been practicing all week in front of 3 real judges!  (We later found out he could choose either, and he chose to do Psalm 23 instead.  So he hadn’t even really practiced!)  The night before at bedtime he prayed, “Thank you (Lord), that I get to say my poem to three real judges tomorrow, and please just help me to say it well and do a good job…”  I know.  Really.  We are of course, SO very proud and happy for him and can’t wait till April 20th (stay tuned! :P), when he will compete for The Title against the other Christian schools participating in SD county.  Hahaha

That’s right kids.  You better watch out- Hudson Kim is gonna EAT you alive!

Hudson has a very special love for the Bible.  Ever since he was l 1/2 or so, we started doing Bible story time every night (more on this to come later).   He loved it then, and loves it even more now.  We realized that he had a particularly good memory when we started reciting the Lord’s prayer from this little book of prayers too, so that’s when I made our little Bible Memory notebook!  (No comments on my illustrations please.  Hey, I drew them for a 3-year old- okay? :P)

So we did this very faithfully each and every night along with our Bible story, and the very first passage he memorized after The Lord’s Prayer (when he was 3 ½ or so?), was Psalm 23…

That lamb (?) sorta looks like Scully. And that coffee mug..??? …”my cup overflows…!”

next was 1 Corinthians 13,

What’s the bear for?…? love… “BEARS all things!!!”

Psalm 1,

It was great because S & I would memorize these passages while reciting them with Hudson every day too! (But how come HE seemed to remember them better than we could?!?)

Ephesians 6,

“…stand your ground!…”

and part of Psalm 27…UNTIL, not too long after our other little ones arrived. 😛  You know how that goes.  But!  S and I were just talking about how important it is to memorize Scripture and how we want the girls to do the same, so we are hoping to start it up again soon!  Papa has already made a point of going through the books of the Old Testament with H & Bf, and Bf is always flipping through our little notebook and memorized several Bible verses through VBS and BSF herself too.  We have found that they are all so especially eager to learn and DO at this age- it’s FUN for them!…So why not take advantage of that now?

To celebrate this very special occasion, Papa took us out for dinner on a school night!

(Thanks to Uncle Jon & Momo) we enjoyed…

Our little Bf did her first word search that evening! I was so proud of her!  She must have still been thinking about it while enjoying her appetizer…


Finally, S said we could just order a dessert, but I, (being the no-shame, I’ll-do-just-about-anything-for-my-kids) Mommie that I am, kindly waved our waitress over to let her know that we were celebrating a MOST special occasion- (my son won the 1st grade speech meet!)  so if there was any way she could bring out a small treat for him please?…(I just wanted him to get to blow out a candle!  :P)  Of course she didn’t really care why, brought out this treat for him, and said, “Congratulations on your…surprise.” (surprise?)   I guess she really wasn’t paying attention.  It didn’t matter though, because she brought it!  Candle lit and all.  We (I) sang “Congratulations to you, congratulations to you, congratulaaaations dear Hud-sooooooon….congratulations to youuuuu!  Cha cha cha!  Ooh la la!  Pepperoni pizza sauce!”  Then he gave us that BIG twinkly smile of his, and blew out his candle.

Have you ever tried BJ’s Pizookie? It’s rather (too) sweet, but fun anyway! (Especially if it’s free :P!)

We Love You dearest Hudson-Pups!


3 thoughts on “School Days, Hudson, and Psalm 23

  1. oh my dear hudson. momo is soooo beyond proud of you. his memory is really amazing. picture of halmoni and hp is so sweet ❤
    go hudson!!! and momo will buy you bj's too to celebrate, whether you win or not!! haha. (nice about getting the free pizookie too. no shame!! haha)

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