MORE Eastah Fun! (Part II)

You guessed it.  Time to paint Easter Eggs!

You didn’t really think we would go without coloring our eggs, did you?  😛  First, we made sure to make a Ralph’s run to pick up some red food coloring, and got down to work!  This time we used the basic formula for dying eggs with food coloring, but I think next year we may go natural?  First, we tried putting stickers on so when you peeled them off there would be a cool design, but that didn’t work because the eggs were a bit “wet.”  So we pulled out our crayons and did a bit of artwork, but then you can’t really tell from the pictures.  Oh well, they turned out beeeeautifully anyways.  We had fun just dunking the eggs and playing around with the colors!  Who doesn’t like playing with colored water?!?  😛

Bg LOVES to color and did fine in the beginning, but I ended up having to give her paper because she kept cracking the eggs.  ;P

Here they are, dunking away!   I thought the paper towels looked particularly pretty after the residual dye came off of the eggs.

How to Dye Easter Eggies!

Just a little tip:  When dying eggs with young children, make sure to have ALL of your supplies and dyes ready to go before they come over to the table!  They were so excited they plopped down in their chairs before I made the dyes, and (as patient as they can be), I was still in a rushrush! hurryhurry! to get everything ready!  😛

What You Need

Hard-boiled eggs

  • Paper towel or newspaper
  • Bowl or cup deep enough to completely submerge an egg
  • Spoon
  • 1/2 cup boiling water  (per egg)
  • 1 teaspoon white vinegar
  • Liquid food coloring (adjust number of drops to your liking)

1.  Hard-boil your eggs.

2. Make sure to cover your table with newspaper, and have paper towels nearby for drying/messes.

3. Fill mug, cup or any small container with the mixture of water, vinegar, and food coloring.

4. Draw designs onto egg with crayons if you like, then place egg on spoon and dunk, turning every so often until both sides are evenly coated (or unevenly, if that’s what you like) The longer you leave the egg in, the brighter/darker it gets!

5. Carefully remove the egg and dot with paper towel to dry…Voila!

After the eggs were done, the kids started experimenting with the colors and began to “mix” and re-dye the eggs for fun.   I think this was more fun for them then the actual egg-dying part.  Just look at Hp concentrating.  Now all our young scientist needs is a white lab coat!

*Our very creative Bf actually came up with a couple of additional things to do with our leftover “paint” and eggs!

First, she pulled out her paintbrushes and asked for some paper.  Why not?  We already had all of the newspaper out and ready for making a (fun) mess!

Then she took an already colored (pink) egg, and started to smear it onto her painting.  I’m not sure she even knew where she was going with this, but the paint started to rub off of the egg, resulting in a nice, tie-dyed effect!  Go Bf!

Our other genius daughter came up with another use of the eggs all on her own too.

Some pretty-colored hard-boiled eggies for breakfast anyone?  If your answer is yes, there’s a recipe in the works and coming your way!

Now onto my ULTIMATE Easter favorite of them all…(dun dun duuuuun….!)

The assembling of the…


Hooray!  Hooray!  I don’t know about you, but one of my most favorite things (in the WORLD!) is anything gifts/presents/surprises/’special treats’/baskets!!!  Okay so that’s more than one thing, but you get the idea.  Any excuse to see those little faces light up at the BIG reveal!  It reminds me of whenever S comes home from one of his (many ;P) trips.  Besides Papa himself, the kids cannot wait to see what “presents!” he has brought back for them.  The first thing S does is have his little ducklings sit down, all in a row, watching as he opens up his suitcase. Then, he pulls each special souvenir and distributes them one by one.  Oh the anticipation!

Back to my basket-assembling.  The process usually starts months in advance.  I just look out for nifty items whenever we are out at Target or the 99 Cent Store, etc. (like most moms), and whenever there’s a good sale online, I buy the gifts ahead of time, knowing that whether it’s for a birthday or Easter etc., I’ll have it ready to go!  The nice thing about the kids being young still is that I can often recycle or rather, “re-purpose” many of the things that go in their baskets from the previous year (and they don’t care :P)!  I’d say that MOST of the things in their baskets are things we already have at home.  HellooO, forgotten party favors, trinkets, unused supplies from Papa’s office??!    Case in point.  Here’s a shot of their Easter baskets last year, (with a beautiful giant Easter lily plant joining them in the other)…???

Notice the similarities?  The baskets, the lovely Easter grass, stuffed animals, unused foamy stickers…all in this year’s baskets again!  (With the exception of the girls’ stuffed animals because I found some more Easter-y ones in Bg’s room.)  Since we don’t really let them eat candy much at all, I put in some Annie’s Organic Bunny fruit snacks which we already had in our pantry too!  (We used to subscribe and save because they can be quite pricey, but stopped because they don’t eat them often enough.)  This year I put in some candy from the egg hunt as fillers and they each got to enjoy one. Ooooo… 😛

This year’s baskets included art supplies (Papa’s office), workbooks, paint sets, art activities (all from my stash), and a cute little Easter craft (we got from the Egg hunt last year)!  I always like to include something Biblical along with the usual toys and such (even if it’s something little), and this time it was The Adventures in Odyssey Bible Eyewitness CD set.  I love and have ordered many of our pups’ gifts from there.  We had listened to a couple of the Odyssey adventures before and found them to be way too “old” for our kids, but this particular set is great because the characters simply have their adventures through the stories of the Bible!  (The recommended age is pretty accurate though, so if you have younger kids, then… maybe later?)  There are three sets of CD’s (36 episodes!) so it worked out perfectly.  All 3 sets can be found in the bigger kids room right now and Hudson in particular loves them.  He’s been blasting them non-stop since Sunday!

I didn’t know which picture to post!  Grandpa-faced or squinty-faced Gracie!?!…

I should mention though, this time Bf pointed out, “But Mommie, I already have this one,”  referring to her Winnie the Pooh math workbook…Oopsies.  You think they could be catching on?  😛

Also listening to:  A Very Veggie Easter

    (Mommie’s favorite song- “How Now Easter Cow”)

Here is the cross necklace Hudson has been wearing non-stop.  At home, whenever he goes out, no matter where he may go, or how many times he changes his clothes, he makes sure to wear his cross.  He loves to show it and share it with everyone around him.  It is now hanging on his bedpost, right beside him as he sleeps…

Sunday afternoon we had “craft time” and put together the “cute little Easter craft we got from the Egg hunt last year”:

It took longer than expected, but everyone enjoyed sticking the itsy bitsy flowers on- especially Bg!  She sat for a very. long. time…she can be very Hudson-esque sometimes.

These were so adorable, I just had to take a few more photos.  (Then Hp came in to join in on the fun sometime in the middle :P.)

Here, our story begins.  Lamb-egg and leader, Hp, meets with his sister-egg chickadees to unveil a mission given to them from the Great Emperor Egg to spread the Easter Story to the whole, wide, world.

“Are you ready?”  “Ready!”  They replied.  “Then follow me!”  he says.  And the three of them started on their way.

Distracted easily, pinky-egg chickadee Bf begins to fall behind a bit…”Hey, wait for meeee!”

They come across Captain America along the way.  “Would you like to join us on our mission to spread the Easter Story to the whole, wide, world?”  “You can count me in.”  “Let’s go!”  He replies.

They heard a faint galloping sound coming towards them from the distance…who could it be?  Why, it was none other than… Woody and BullsEye!  “I heard you were in need of some assistance,” said Woody.  “Can we come along?”  “Of course!” exclaimed the group.  “We’re on our way!”  So, off they went, with their new friend and his trusty steed.

Without a word, a mini-Lego storm trooper appeared out of nowhere, tiptoed behind, and joined them as they marched on.

“Wook!”  cried startled baby-chick Gracie.  They all stopped immediately in their tracks.  They should have known.  When there’s Woody, Buzz Lightyear isn’t too far behind!  (So are some Storm troopers and their Lego-starship?)  “I heard there’s a mission from the Great Emperor Egg to share the Easter Story to the whole, wide world.  Well, you can count me in too!  Climb aboard friends!  What are you waiting for?  …..To Infinity and beyoooond!”

The End.

I know!!!  I’m so sorry to leave you hanging like that!  But (oh-so-sad), there aren’t any more photographs!  Papa was calling from downstairs saying it was time to get lunch ready for our three pups.  Oh what is a Mommie to do…

…But don’t you just love how our three pups are standing?  😛  xo


7 thoughts on “MORE Eastah Fun! (Part II)

  1. Hi Lynnie! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you all! I love your posts, thanks for inviting me to read them! they’re so encouraging and fun, you make homemaking and motherhood seem like such a delight! You and Steve have such wonderful and grown up kids, praise God!

  2. Dude why are bf and bg so darn cute. And I was totally into your story… Ahem please tell s to make the lunches himself so you can finish your story next time.

    • hahaha thanks unc j! and don’t worry, there will definitely be more to come!… and in s’s defense it was more like ge was giving me a ‘gentle reminder’…(b/c you kno if he didn’t i would have been taking pictures for who knows how long!! :P)

  3. seriously, awesome. awesome. awesome. i don’t know how you have the time/energy for all this on top of everything you do AND have time to blog.
    aw, missing you guys even more. can’t wait for the next post.
    i keep telling you-you should be a children’s book author! do it!!
    (bd would’ve eaten all the eggs. it’s his favorite food!)

    • hahaha i don’t! you kno how it is! 😛 but seriously e. i write to U! you keep me going. wish you were here. (sd of course), but right now? riding with your 3 at disney where you should be! xo

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