‘Easy Peasy’ (Easter) Egg Salad!

We are ALL ABOUT EGGS in our house.  And I don’t mean just at Easter-time either.  Scrambled, omelets, (the usual, and cooked flat- perfect for topping fried rice and squeezing ketchup over :P), baked egg muffins, over-easy (to dip pancakes into), in breakfast burritos, hard-boiled…you name it, we love it!  Hudson especially LOVES to have hard-boiled eggs for breakfast.  Often he’ll even have two depending on what else I pack for him in the morning!  The girls are more partial to having them scrambled, but don’t mind having one of these too!

Let’s just pretend poor Hello Kitty has her ear and bow still intact here.  All I had were “smaller-sized ‘large'” eggs from Ralphs.  Blaek.  Sorry for the nasty photo too.  It was late, and I was in a hurry= bad photo. (It shall be replaced by a much better one eventually!)

So how do you make these adorable shapes out of your eggs?

Get yourself some of these:  (I posted the bear and bunny because they are ones I don’t have and wish I did… I suppose one can only have so many egg molds.)

They open up like dis:

Now hard-boil your eggies, and shell them, like so…

then you simply place your egg inside, close, and dunk in an ice-water bath to cool!

The reason why the green cow-shaper is fastened with a rubber band is because it is in actuality one of these, and not an egg shaper at all!  I was lucky enough to find them on super-clearance years ago and never even got around putting them to their original use!

As Bg would say, “Tah-Daaah!”

Again, I was in a hurry.  For a much more detailed tutorial (and nicer pictures) on the entire process, check this out.

Eggs are great for lunchity-lunches too!

(*In case you were wondering, those are all-natural chicken nuggets, edamame, a piece of animal-shaped cheese (I just cut a huge block of cheese into medium-thick slices, then use tiny cookie cutters to make fun shapes), homemade roasted pumpkin seeds, and the little monkey is a condiment holder in which I put in a bit of salt to sprinkle on the egg.  I don’t usually add the salt- kids can’t really control the amount on their own.  I just really wanted to use the super-cute monkey condiment holder that day :P.)

I LOVE eggs.  I eat them almost every day.  They are a good source of protein, great to eat for ANY meal of the day, and not to mention, cheap!  There are SO MANY things you can do with eggs…. Eggs, eggs, eggs!  Now S isn’t as fond of hard-boiled eggs by themselves, but he LOVES himself some EGG SALAD sandwiches!  Here is how we make ours.

‘Easiest Peasiest’ Egg Salad

The reason this is an ‘Easy Peasy’ recipe is because of the method, as well as the actual recipe itself.   There are manydifferent. versions. of egg salad, but this is a basic, no-frills recipe that takes no time to prepare if you have one of these in your kitchen!  One of my favorite and most-often used kitchen appliances has got to be my food processor.  (Thanks Momo! :)) I love this thing.  For years, I pureed countless ice-cube trays and ziplock baggies full of frozen baby food, use it for baking, chopping, putting together dips, even for making salsa.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.  Only, I make such big batches of food sometimes, I wish it were just a bit bigger.  (Because we all know, bigger is always better.  :P)

*Om. Whyyyy did it take SO long to shell these eggs?!?  I started to enlist Bf to help me shell them this time, but they were SO DIFFICULT, I could hardly to it myself!  (Wretched on-sale Ralphs eggs…  I boiled a few from Trader Joe’s along with them and the shells came off of those so easily!)

All this recipe takes is a few pulses in your food processor, and vroom vroom…DONE!  If you don’t have one, you can easily use a blender (but beware of mushy eggs!) or chop everything up yourself (which I suppose can be therapeutic if you like that sort of thing too- it just wouldn’t be AS ‘easy peasy’).  Whichever way you do it, the ingredients for our egg salad couldn’t be any more simple.  Most versions call for eggs, something onion-y, a binder, such as mayo or greek yogurt, and their own variable ingredients.  Some include celery, some sort of herb or spice, mustard, or lemon juice.  Maybe it’s because it’s how Mommie always made it, or because I just don’t want to mess with an already good thing, but I just stick to 3 ingredients, plus a generous amount of salt and pepper.  That’s it!

‘Easy Peasy’ Egg Salad

*Who wants to shell?!?… I should mention that I usually buy a big pack of already-shelled!!! hard-boiled eggs from Costco for making egg salad.  They last a while in your fridge, you can eat some as is, and, they cost nearly the same as regular eggs, minus the work of boiling and shelling!  Whaaaaat.  Perfect for feeding a family of five plus one Uncle Joe, who loves Mommie’s egg salad too.

All you need:

–  (Left-over Easter or not) Hard-boiled eggs

–  An onion

–  Mayo or Greek yogurt, just enough to bind together

–  Salt and pepper

All you need TO DO:

–  Cut an onion into medium sized pieces.  Place desired amount in food processor.  (If you want celery, add a few cut up bits and add them here.)  Pulse pulse pulse just a bit.  Add eggs and mayo, salt and pepper, (and any other special ingredients you think would taste good), then do the same thing.  Pulse pulse pulse!  Just until everything is evenly chopped, not mushy.

–  This always seems to taste even better the day after.  Store in fridge for a bit and allow some time for flavors to meld if you can…that way you’ll get all of that onion-y goodness blended in with the egg!

–  Serve as a sandwich, (topped with bacon like Sweetie likes his), and on plain, soft, white (or whole wheat) sandwich bread.  I know many like crunchy, textured bread (that’s healthier) with this because the salad itself is soft and fluffy, but I prefer mine Bridal-shower style.  (I also like my egg salad less onion-y with more egg whites too, but again, that’s just me.  😛

–  You can also serve with crackers and dip away!

OOoooo…pretty pretty Easter eggs, s w i r l i n g around…

Doesn’t it kinda look like a bowl of fluffy popcorn at first glance?  (Popcorn is my favorite and my BEST.)  😛  I especially love the little bits of color from the Easter egg dye too.

I couldn’t wait to make Sweetie THIS version of an egg salad sandwich.

There are TONS recipes for avocado egg salad sandwiches out there, so I thought there must be something tasty about the combination, right?  One of S’s absolute favorite things to eat is GUACAMOLE, and since we always have avocados in the house, how could I not?  I had just made a fresh batch, so I decided to try it out on him for breakfast.

Just as I had predicted, both the avocado and egg salad took away from the “pure essence” and the taste of the other…if that makes any sense.  I didn’t even blend the two together like many of the recipes stated, because I was afraid of that very thing!  It wasn’t bad, but I think good ol’ guac and egg salad will just have to remain distant friends from now on.  Maybe I’ll just add a few slices of avocado on top next time?

Here is a recent portrait of our family by none other than our aspiring artist Bf…I thought it quite fitting because…well, just look.  😛

(She says one of them is Scully.)  Maybe we all just ate one too many eggs.

***If you’re not all egg-ed out yet…

–  There’s an entire website dedicated to the little ovals!  And I heartily agree…they really ARE incredible.

–  According to some, they are one of the world’s healthiest foods.

–  There are even books devoted to eggs!

–  Wanna know the nutritional facts for eggs?

–  OM You have to listen to this song!!!  (Just guess what it’s about.)

…How do you like to eat YOUR eggs???


3 thoughts on “‘Easy Peasy’ (Easter) Egg Salad!

  1. om how could i forget “chop chop egg!?!?” don’t forget the sesame oil! …and of course I made extra for you!! only oopsies! it’s all gone now. we ate it. hehehe 😛 it would’ve gone bad!…don’t worry, will make again!

  2. I remember “chop chop egg!” That was one of the most original name I’ve heard for “egg with rice & soy sauce.” You’ve inspired me to make egg salad for hubby’s breafast tomorrow! thanks!

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