“Iiiiits a Small World Aaaafter All!” (Part I)

GUESS where we got to go this weeeek??!?!

That’s right- Spring Break 2012 babay babay!  This trip was in the works and (poor) Papa had been planning for months only to have those plans (almost very nearly!) thwarted by a bad case of the flu and awful weather!  Even though the forecast looked grim (S literally must have checked a million, ka-trillion times and more), as soon as poor Bg recovered, we packed our things, hoped for the best, and headed off to the Happiest Place on Earth!

…Do we look “happy?”  😛   Just look at that sunshine!  (I am noticing more that as a family, we tend to wear bright colors…You think it may have something to do with how Papa & Mommie usually dress?)

Flashback to our last trip in 2010!

Whenever we go to places with large crowds, Papa strategically wears something bright so we can spot him easily.  I try to dress the kids in the same way.  Here he is in none other than his signature color of course!

We LOVE Disneyland.  Love.  Love.  LOOOVE.  In fact, we love pretty much ANYTHING Disney.  I don’t think we can or will EVER get sick of the place.  (Please excuse me in advance if you get a bit “Disney-ed Out” after this post).

What else would Hp be doing other than “studying” the map and planning out the best route for us?

Tickets please, tickets!

Meet Uncle Chris.  He looks shorter than Hp here, but really is quite tall in real-life.  And, he works for Disney. (Lucky.)  We love our Uncle Chris.

Our first ride of the trip?  …Finding Nemo!  (“We all live in a yellow submarine…”)

Little did we (or she) know, Bg was in for the ride of her life…  Doesn’t she even look a bit skeptical before boarding?

Here she is with her oh-so unsuspecting look of wonder and anticipation…

We submerged into the water and all was “tra-la-la-la!” and well until…a ferocious piranha suddenly decided to flash his giant fangs at our little girl (along with a horrifying sound)!  Bg innocently had her wee-little head peering into the cubby-hole hoping to catch a glimpse of (or rather, “find” keke) Nemo the clown fish!  She was so startled, she jumped, screamed, and crying, held onto Papa for dear life!  Hahaha  (I must admit, I was pretty startled too.)  Let’s just say, that ride set the tone for Bg the rest of the day :P.  Anytime we would hear loud music or sudden sound/voice of any kind, she would start crying and hold her arms up for comfort!  Our poor traumatized Bg.  Here she is…right after IT happened.

*Some time after we got home, I found awesome big sister Bf “reading” our Nemo book to Bg so she wouldn’t be so scared anymore…”See Baby Gracie?  There’s Nemo…”  OM.

Our hands-down, absolute FAVORITE ride of the day!?!  The brand new-and-improved, Star Tours in 3-D!  Bf just met the height requirement too!  Way to go Bf!  We were all so excited for her.  I wasn’t exactly sure how she would do, but turns out she LOVED it!

Hp & Bf loved it so much we got parent-swap passes so they got to ride it 3 times and wanted to go even more!  It’s nice because there are 54 different scenarios so you get a new experience almost every time.  They were pros after ride #2.

While we were dashing off in outer space, Papa got some fun shots of (an almost fully-recovered :P) Bg romping around the Magic Castle:

The kids love “Dumbo.”  It was the very first Disney movie Hp ever saw.  We played it for him while he “sat and sat and sat and sat and sat and sat and sat” waiting and learning to go poo-poo on the potty.  In fact, they love all of the “old school” Disney films and have watched them all on our tiny Orion TV with the built-in VHS player!

“Choo Choooo!  Casey Junior’s comin’ down the track, comin’ down the track, comin’ down the track…!”

Our three crazy little monkeys emerging from their “cell.”  Is it just me or is it kinda sad to see kids riding in a cage like that?  Hp really wanted to ride in the cage.  “Casey Junior’s riding down the track…”  (I still have that song in my head even NOW!  Ahhhhhh!!)

This trip was particularly exciting for many reasons- one being that Bg was finally old enough to actually know what was going on and enjoy everything!  One of HER personal favorites was Small World. (No killer fish here!) She clapped and her head was literally bobbing to and fro the entire ride!  Sort of like this?

Bg couldn’t wait to go on a second time. Hudson always laughed whenever we saw this guy showing off his buck-teeth, so I took a picture of him and told him I’d put him in here.

Just had to include a photo of the Motherland…and there’s Jessie (in the blurry distance)!

Papa can’t get enough of his precious Bf.  I just love any picture with the two of them.

Bg’s other favorite had to be the Carousel.  After each ride she would say, “Do (a)’gain, Mommie. Do ‘gain!”

Two years ago on that very same carousel…

Bf was not very fond of meeting the characters back then.  And sometimes even now…depending on the day.  (As S always says… “girls.”  :P)

I didn’t realize that Bf had the same “scrunchy” smile that Bg has now!

All geared up for the Toy Story the ride at California Adventure!  That’s right.  Check me out.

Just look at our babies back then…

and just look at them now!!!

Thank you for indulging me… (for now), even more Disney MAGIC is yet to come!  😛


3 thoughts on ““Iiiiits a Small World Aaaafter All!” (Part I)

    • om ahahahaha that’s right!!!! i totally forgot about that! they were like, ???? (who cries at disneyland anyways?!! :P) awww…that’s when we were “re-united” jenie…that makes d-land even BETTER! xo

  1. aw, wish we could have gone with you guys 😦
    poor pg. bd would have FREAKED out too. I can’t wait to take him.
    pictures are awesome! haha, the sunglasses one is too funny!
    loooove disneyland!!

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