Here and There…

So this last week was a wee bit crazy for us.  Besides our usual “crazy,” 😛  S had to attend two funerals, Hp was sick with a major case of the flu (?) and missed school for an entire week… add in a trip to L.A. over the weekend, and so much more!  Here’s just a little bit of what we’ve been up to lately…

Bg just looooved having her big Oh-bbah home every day.  Just toast with “cream” (butter) and juice for breakfast for our sick one and little sister!

One of the best (among many :P) things about Hudson is that he’ll always put on a happy face for you no matter what.  He seemed to be doing better so we ended up going to his Speech Meet! Friday.  (Weren’t you wondering!?!)  Turned out he wasn’t doing better AT.  ALL.  You can even kind of tell from just looking at his eyes…Poor guy!

See?  All smiles.  H and his buds…I love 1st graders.  Just look at those teeth (or, lack thereof)!

Hp was the first to go in the Scripture memory category.  What a blessing he didn’t have to wait…go number 17!

He did, however, have to wait (quite a long while for a sick person) for the other kids to recite their passages and for the judges to do their “judging” after he went.  Here he is resting with Papa.  😦

Bg had plenty of time for some RUNNING around outside though!

Strict rules!  No pictures or video during speech-time…but Hp did GREAT.  We were all SO VERY PROUD of him!  What a trooper.

Since it wasn’t a “competition,” each child earned a ribbon.  Go Big Red!

Later that evening, Papa got DRESSED, and boarded a Yacht on the San Diego Harbor for the Senior Prom!  It’s a fun thing for him and he goes every year.  Whenever he sees kids get a little too close while “dancing (hugging),” he comes between them and says, “Hey, hey, hey…leave room for the Holy Spirit.”

What do you think?  Go Big…ORANGE?!

(“I wanna go- can I go too, Papa?”…Never.  NO dances.  EVERRRR.)  😛

I stayed home and made a HUGE batch of something using these…(recipe to come!)

(There’s the something.)

Saturday morning…The night before, Mommie left out their weekend bags of before-breakfast cereal of choice, (usually eaten while Mommie and Papa are still in bed :P), and Tetris in a box.

We LOVE just-woken-up morning faces.  So raw and real.

Bf apparently had something delicious baking in the oven for breakfast.

It was a sunshiny day and Hp was finally beginning to feel a little better, so we packed a biiig container full of chicken nuggets to share and went for a special treat.  Nothing beats enjoying lunch in the beautiful outdoors!

On to meet Papa at one of our most favorite places in the world..the library!  Our little library is literally just a bike-ride away, and we go at least once a week to read, do puzzles, play on their computers, get crafty things, and stock up on books of course!  I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE the library and everything about it.  Here I am browsing the book sale cart, and here’s Papa, posing oh-so-eagerly for my photo.  (Thanks Papa :P.)

Movie night!!!  We borrowed a version of one of our faves at the library.  We can’t seem to get enough of Charlie and Lola these days… (Bg:  “Chah-lee- Lo-wa!”)

Our evening “dessert” tray (we have some version of this EVERY.  SINGLE. night).

I baked and water-bathed one of these to take up to L.A. for my beloved MIL’s Birthday (just look at that steam!)…

and stayed up getting all of these ready for a very special little baby (here’s a sneak-peak at what’s to come):

She just turned 100…days old :P.

Her Mommie made cute Menu cards for the occasion…don’t you just love anything with scalloped edges?  And, my favorite flowers.

Just the girls!

Shopping at the Grove!  Halmoni bought each of “us girls” some dresses!  Whoo hoo!  We love Halmoni!  She spoils us all.  (Wanna see a couple of the goodies I got?)

Introducing, our adorable nephew & cousin, Dominic Matthew Joo!  Bd is a very good boy and is 100-Day Baby Charlotte’s big brother.  (Contrary to what it may seem, he is only 1 1/2!  :P)

We had dinner at one of our “regulars” whenever we go up to L.A.  (Sorry, no pictures of food, we were all too hungry.)  But dontcha just love their little signs?  I always get their:

S always gets:

I couldn’t leave this one out now, could I?  Hehehe

Back to Grandparents house for cheesecake and blowing out candles!

We all got a kick out of watching Bd (try to :P) blow out candles for the first time.  “Ready, Blooow!”  ….Om, that little grin!

We absolutely LOVE our precious family and miss them so whenever we aren’t together!

Hope your week was as blessed as ours!  xo


4 thoughts on “Here and There…

  1. oh, man all the pictures are awesome!
    i have so many comments again . . .
    1)hp is such a trooper! i wish i was there. i would have totally cried. he is the best.
    2)oppa’s orange outfit is so crazy. he is so funny! haha. next time for his bday dinner, i’m gonna deck out all of us in orange!
    3) you are the craziest momo who’s stays up all night to make her niece’s (and nephew) party extra special! you made so many and not even an extra one left. even one of the waiters asked for one! haha.
    4) that is a yummy dessert tray. i will have to do that for the kids when they are a bit older. i think bd would eat all of it! haha.
    5) i looove the all girls picture!
    6) oh bd. hahahaha.
    7) the cake was yummy!!

    • 1. of course you would have cried momo! you prob would’ve cried more easily than if your own son did it! ahaha
      2. totally- still love the jcrew argyle vest you got him too!
      3. for no one else and you know it!
      4. no question… bd would need a tray all to himself. hahaaha
      5. me too! we all look so happy!
      6. i kno!!!
      7. i think it was the water bath! (it came out more like fluff, no? :P)
      LOVE all of your comments!

  2. aww poor hudson! even when he’s sick he looks adorable. and look at all those star shaped rice krispies (brown buttered i hope?)! so cute! you are forreal crazy, lynnie. ahh having a craving nowww. also wishing i had me some popcorn and fruit 😛 faith is getting started young with that jcrew bag already in her hand… atta girl 🙂

    • brown butttered…OF COURSE!!!!! 😛 no other kind! (it would have been much faster if you were here :P) and if you just come ovah, there shall be PLENTY of popcorn and fruit for you dor-ee! and endless amount …(*except YOUR special “dessert tray” would have some carne asada fries on it of course!) hehehe..and bf is just “carrying” a jcrew bag halmoni asked them for an extra bag to put her dress in so they both could be like mommie 😛 but she does have her favorites from her dorcee!

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