A Day in the Life of Gracie Noel Kim: 2-1/2 Year-Old.

So here’s our little “Baby” Gracie!  Our adorable, hilarious, affectionate, cheery, and sweet, head-bobbing bundle of joy.

Her life is a precious miracle and she truly is a gift from the Lord.  Here she is just days old, teeny-tiny in the NICU.

It’s a long story that would make a great post one of these days, but for now, here’s a little glimpse into a day in the life of a toddler in her “Terrific Two’s” :P.  Here’s what a typical Monday (while her beloved Oh-Bbah and Uhn-Nee are in school) looks like…

It’s morning time!  Mommie gets breakfast-on-the-go ready for the girls and Big sister gets ready for a day of Preschool.  Today it’s Canadian bacon, and French toast bites with Bg’s FAVORITE beverage of all time, “Nilk!”

*Just a word on M-ilk… There are literally dozens of different opinions on milk, so we have a “rotation.”  Regular 2%, soymilk (Mommie’s and Bf’s fave), Organic (om, how come so $$?!), and Alta Dena (Dr. recommendation).  What kind of milk do you drink?  All three of our pups have been heavy milk drinkers since they were born, but Bg could out-drink any one of us, any day.  She literally gulps away until she can hardly catch her breath and would down gallons of the stuff if we let her!

After we get everything ready (and as long as she hasn’t called out for me yet: “Mommie! Mommiee!”  “Mommieeeee!”), it’s time to get Bg ready to go!  Bf can’t wait to go in to “get” her baby sister every morning.

Why, good morning Sunshine!

(You’ve gotta love the hair.)  As soon as you go in, she gets all giddy and jumps around.  There’s good ol’ Piglet!

Okay, now it’s time to go go, go!  (C’mon girls, we don’t wanna be late! :P)

Here she is (sort-of, kinda) eating breakfast on the 30-minute ride, and jammin’ to one of her recent favorites.

Uhn-Nee’s drop-off…Bg knows the drill!

Bg didn’t finish her breakfast on the way (when she was supposed to), so Mommie had to sit and wait in the car until she did.

Good girl… now, we can go run some errands!

“Peekaboo Mommie!”

And, “RUN” she did.  Bg didn’t “stay close,” like Mommie asked her to, so …

We ❤ Trader Joe’s!  (Who doesn’t?)

Yes, I did.  I (shamelessly) asked a very kind lady in the line next to us, and she was more than happy to snap a quick photo!  Hey, everything’s cool at Trader Joe’s right?  Plus, who can resist that little face?!  Like our vests?  That’s Hp’s from ages ago.  (The girls love to sport Oh-bbah’s clothes- besides jammies, mesh shorts make the best “home-clothes!”)  Bg loves Elmo and whenever Mommie wears her puffy vest, she wants to wear hers too.  😛

*(And yes again, that is a bag of my favorite Tj’s popcorn…We always always pop our own at home, but every once in a while, I’ll grab a bag or two for a quick bite!  :P)

Bg always gets lots of love from the crew at TJ’s.  This time, it was only four stickers, but she made good use out of them!

Back at home while Mommie unloads the van, Bg rides her straight-up old-school Korean hand-me-down scooter with little fans that blow with the wind…It was Hp’s very first scooter too!  (*Thanks Brandon :P!)

Time to bring in “the man!”  (It’s amazing how quickly cars will slow down or even stop as soon as they see the man.  I mean, don’t you? We got ours for almost half the price at Costco.)  Wooow Gracie, good job!  Who’s so strong!?

Time to come in…

Reading time on the book blanket…

She “reads” for all but 5 minutes (if even that?), then remembers she needed to to make a few calls.  “Hiii Papa!  Yeah…Yeah…OK!  Yeah…Bye!”  (Repeats calls to ” Unk-Joe,” Momo, the doctor, etc.)

What a good Mommie…putting her babies down for their afternoon nap in the stroller.

(How come little Bg gets more done in a day than I do?!?  It was exhausting just trying to keep up with her!)

Lunch time!  Leftover chicken and mushroom pasta…  Yummie Bg?  Whether it’s putting on her shoes, dressing or feeding herself,  Bg likes to try to “do (everything) by-self, do by-self!”  these days.  (Notice the lovely sticker still stuck on her cheek.)  She always makes sure to say, “Tank Oo Mommie!”  OM.

Time for some art and coloring…Bg LOVES to color and draw.  This she will sit and do for a long time!

Suddenly, she hears her favorite Wiggle’s tune playing in the background!  (There goes the coloring.)  “Bear’s now asleep.  Shh Shh Shh..!”

Upstairs to get ready for NAP TIME!!!!!!!!  (Whoo hoo!!  :P)

Stopping to take in the lovely view from her window…

Brush teeth. Wash up…  “Do by-self!”

(Btw, while she may like to start off doing it “by-self,” Mommie or Papa always brush her teeth for her.)

A quick story before it’s time to go down.

Bg plays in her crib doing who-knows-what for a while (it sounds like WWF in there!) before she finally falls asleep.  (Ahhhhh….)

It’s 4:30…Look who’s up!

It’s Bg! And everyone is home and the usual after-school hustle bustle begins!  😛  Papa goes in to get her this time.  (Oh- how Papa likes to smother his pups.)

Time for deener!  Here she is drinking none other than you-know-what and having the tostada version of what I packed Sweetie for lunch the next day.  (Hp got the burrito version.  :P)

Bath time!  Ever since Bg was old enough, Papa threw them all in the tub and gave all three their baths at the same time.

We don’t usually notice until later, but Bf often manages to sneak herself cleverly into photos somehow…hehehe

This is when Mommie gets our (most important) “dessert tray” ready!  Tonight’s tray:  Pop the popcorn, wash and cut fruit- dukk hearts from Bc’s 100-day party!

The kids walk to and fro munching and snacking while they do their thing, and eat while they sit during story time.  Then we finish with our Bible songs and stories.  We store all of the wonderful treasures we find at the library in our big book basket for the week and read them over and over.  And over.  😛  This is our evening routine and we do it at least 5 nights of the week depending on what we’ve got going on.  Here we are!  (There’s Bg drinking away!)

Tonight is nail-cutting with Papa night.  He does this right after bath time so their nails are nice and soft.  S has cut ALL of their nails- each and every itty-bitty fingernail, one by one- ever since they were born.  He does it with the SAME special scissors that came in a little kit from our baby shower registry before Hudson was born.  I tried to cut Hp’s nails once when he was little…didn’t go over too well.   (This is why they might be more prone to scratch you after S has been gone for a couple of weeks on one of his trips :P) …Assume the position!

Bg got to help put Big brother down this particular night.  Here they are ready for prayer…(you think Hp’s ready for us girls to leave already? :P)

Brush brush brush…time to get all of those popcorn kernels out now!

Things are always more fun when a certain Uhn-nee joins in!

Loooooots of hugs and kisses for bedtime!

Nigh nigh sweet baby girl…

*Portraits of Gracie:  I don’t know why, but H & Bf keep drawing their little sister with a sad face or frown these days!

Fact or myth?  Does putting toothpaste on pimples really work?  To my utter despair, I had a HUGE “unsqueezable” pimple/zit emerging (you know the kind-awful!) and was desperate for any kind of remedy, so I put some on a bit of toothpaste (hey, I know you’ve done it!) and prayed for a miracle.

So how on earth does this fit in here anyway?  When Bg saw my chin for the first time, she stared, then pointed at the toothpaste, and said, “Wook, Mommie! … MOCHI!”


*Just to let you know, the “mochi” didn’t really work in getting rid of the hideous, mountain of a pimple, but I think it did help make it go away sooner? 😛  The next morning, Bf asked wonderingly, “Mommie, where did your toothpaste go?”

Since I am a stay-at-home Mommie, Gracie and I get to spend the most time together during the week.  Our Bg never ceases to make me laugh with her silly antics and adorable voice and mannerisms and I cherish my time with her because I know it won’t be long until she starts preschool!.  But there are definitely those “Lawd, have mercy!” moments (LHM for short), where I need that extra measure of patience and understanding, not to mention lots of prayer too!  Just ask S :P.  Most of the time it’s because I fall short in so many ways.  No matter what though, “her life is (and will always be) a precious miracle and a gift from the Lord!”

It’s just me and Bg!  Bg and me… 😛

Mommie loves you Bg!  xo


5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Gracie Noel Kim: 2-1/2 Year-Old.

    • i still remember when you were watching h & bf before bg was even born and bf woke up early from her nap so you took them for a walk
      (with your tiny little self) carrying bf all the way around the block! 😛

  1. oh to have such a life! sounds blissful, bg so lucky! hahaha and why DO they draw her with a frowny face?? silly pups!
    ok i’ll admit it, i’ve used the toothpaste trick before! can’t attest to whether or not it works, i usually don’t have it long enough to know (that never ending toothpastey minty smell gets the best of me and i end up wiping it off)

    • i don’t know why either! i asked them why and they just laughed! 😛 and thank u for your honesty… 🙂 i’m sure there are many more closet toothpaste (not-for- teeth) users out there! ummm…i think i had it on on for HOURS. hahaha

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