What’s For Deener? Make-Your-Own California Rolls!

One of the Kim family’s favorite go-to meals are these make-your-own California rolls!  It’s a regular in our menu rotation.  I love to make and do all of the rolling myself (and still do sometimes so they are nice and ready-to-go at meal-time), but ever since Faith was old enough to make them herself, we started doing it this way.  A super-fun and interactive way to get your kids involved in putting together their own dinner using their hands… who wouldn’t like that?

Not to mention tasty tasty too!  With the hot rice and salty toasted seaweed, this version adds a little twist to your typical cold California roll recipe.  I cut the toasted seaweed into small squares (bigger for grown-ups) so everyone can wrap and roll each individual mini “taco” with the ingredients that I prepare beforehand.  We always always make steamed brown rice in our house so it’s extra-healthy too!  You really can’t tell the difference, and you don’t have to take the extra step of seasoning the rice this way!

*I bought a cucumber to add this time but it went bad!  So booo, no crunchiness.  😦   One of the other things we usually have in the mix were the fresh brightly-colored orange tamago fish eggs.  S especially loves to drop a heaping spoonful on top of his and so do the kids!  Oh well, next time…

Here’s all you need:

–  Toasted, salty seaweed (keem), pre-cut or sheets cut into small/er squares

–  Steamed, hot (brown) rice

–  Avocados

–  Artificial crab (cheapest at bulk stores like Costco)

–  Mayo (and Siracha for spicy lovers)

–  Cucumber

–  Roasted sesame seeds

–  Fish (tamago) eggs (optional)

–  Soy sauce and wasabi for dipping

–  Paper plates for easy-clean up!  😛


Prepare artificial crab by throwing some into a food processor with enough mayo to bind, and zzz zzz zzz!  Place in serving bowl and set aside.  Repeat adding Siracha for grown-ups.

Slice and cut cucumber into strips short enough to fit seaweed.

Cut avocados into slivers.

Scoop hot rice into serving bowl and sprinkle sesame seeds all over, and mix around.

Place all of your ingredients on the table with lots of little serving spoons for scooping, and get rolling!

While the children are getting quite good at rolling their own (just look at those little pink fingernails go!), Mommie makes a bunch for them as they go along too-because it’s faster and more efficient that way.

Bg ends up eating most of it separately, but she likes to make her own too!  (Another opportunity to “do by-self!”  :P)  *Be careful of stringy, soggy keem with little toddlers, it can get hard to swallow.  I’ve made the bite-sized roll version of these for Hp ever since he was 1 or 2…he and Bg looooove avocado!

Tonight’s dinner only took less than 10 minutes to eat from start to finish!  Everyone gobbled it ALLL up.  😛  The best part:

Guess what’s for lunch tomorrow?  (I ALWAYS pack ready-made rolls for lunch the next day!)

I roll them the basic way (not the fancy-schmancy rice-on-the-outside way) for lunches because the rice tends to stay fresher that way.  Little bites for little mouths, BIG & spicy bites for Papa!

You can’t really tell from the photo, but Papa’s came out rather fat and thick!  (Good thing he has a mouth that can open up nice and WIDE!)

What’s on our dessert tray tonight?

POPCORN, mochi, mangos, MILK, and happy-face orange slices!  Hp & Bf can’t get enough of those!  (I only had 2 oranges left and they usually go through at least 4-6 in one sitting, so of course as I expected, they were wondering, “where’s the rest Mommie?”)  We went to a wedding earlier this year (*K&N! <3), where they served a delicious Korean buffet…our kids hadn’t had oranges in a while, so they proceeded to eat ALL of the GARNISHES that surrounded the edges of the entrees!!!  OM.  We literally ate through BOTH buffet lines until there were NO happy-face orange slices. in. sight.  And they still wanted more!)

We needed some milk  😛 and a couple of other things so after the kids were down, Sweetie made a quick Ralph’s run for me.  He came home with a few more things not on the list?  I’m always curious and can’t wait to see what goodies will look tasty enough for S to bring them home…

This trip…Hot n’ spicy Cheez-It’s, Uncrustables (and those aren’t for the kids either!), and bringin’ back the old school- Choco Tacos!  (Not pictured:  the bag of frozen Tostino’s Pizza Rolls :P)

Here’s to a tasty week!  xo


3 thoughts on “What’s For Deener? Make-Your-Own California Rolls!

  1. mmm, yummy! i think i will make some soon!
    haha. tostino’s pizza rolls! i actually haven’t had them in so long, but i do have a box of cheez-it’s!

  2. oooh yummmay california rolls! haven’t had sushi out here in forever! mostly because i don’t trust it. 😛 and i think mr. steve and i have similar tastes in snackies 🙂 hot and spicy cheezits are the best flavor!

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