Whoo Hooo! Date Night!

Sweetie took me out for a night on the town over the weekend!  We dropped off our 3 pups at Bf’s preschool where they hosted a special “date nite.”  Parents drop off their kids, sleeping bags and jammies, and they get to play flashlight tag, watch movies, and eat popcorn!  (I wanna go!)  I made Papa go out and get 3 real flashlights just for the occasion.  (Thanks Papa  :P.)  It’s great because Ms. Kristina puts it on and we love her.  She was Hp’s preschool teacher and Bf has had her these past two years!  Even little Bg got to go!  It was as fun (if not even more) for them as it was for US!  They love it whenever we go on our dates because it means they get to play with some of their favorite people.

I didn’t get a picture of them at their date nite, so here’s a (random) picture (not even from this year) of them having fun! Not one of Scully’s better-looking days.  He just got a haircut.  But he’s still cute!

Here’s a better picture of him taken just last week:

So our BIG plan was dinner and (Zac Efron) a movie, using some of the gift cards we’ve saved up from his students over the year.  What’s even better than a date nite?  Hello, a FREE one!  Whoo hoo!  Perfect.  Little did we know that someone out there in the date night world was out to get us and would try to ruin our evening!  Literally everywhere we planned to go just didn’t work out somehow!  The biggest disappointment?  Our movie was SOLD OUT when we got there!!!  No Zac…   😦  Hey, S wanted to see it too!  (Just ask him about Nicolas Sparks.)  Good thing we are so go-with-the flow and had a great time regardless!  Nothing else really matters when you’re with the person of your dreams, right?  heeheehee

We snapped a few photos right outside of our 27th-choice restaurant (how come everywhere else we wanted to go had at least a 45 min. wait!?!??)  I wanted to take more, but S said no.  I love Instagram.

I always order hot water when we go out to restaurants, coffee shops, etc. because their coffee is too strong, and hot water is just the best.  I particularly liked their mugs here…I have no idea WHY, because I’m not wearing ANY mascara or eye shadow whatsoever, but don’t you think the shadow/lines (?) over my eyelids make them look like the lady’s on the mug???  Now all I need is a kimono.

I ordered the usual, albacore sashimi, and S enjoyed his mixed sushi plate.  (No picture.  It’s in his stomach.)

Do you sit next across from or next to each other in a booth when you’re on a hot date?  We like to mix it up.  Tonight we did face to face because we wanted to longingly gaze into each others’ eyes- we just did this for the pic.  Doesn’t S look just SO happy here?  haha

Sweetie said absolutely NO MORE photos!…ch!  Oh yeeah?  This is what i thought of that!  (Little did he know…hehehe)

Since we missed out on our movie, we decided to go for some dessert (and hot water :P) to use up one of our gift cards!  If you’ve never been to Pannikin, you should really check out the Encinitas one.  It’s a darling Victorian-like house kinda like Pippi-Longstocking’s!  Too bad that one closes early.  (San Diego.)

So our gift card was for 15$ and since it isn’t very close to us, S and I tried to max it out and take home some treats too.  Seeing how our night was going thus far, we joked that they probably wouldn’t take our gift card.  “Ha ha haaaa.”  GUESS WHAT.  After all of that choosing (which desserts to get?) and adding, guess who’s machine was broken and couldn’t even take our gift card!?!?  Seriously.  They felt bad and gave us the carrot cake and tea for free (yay for that!), but we had to pay for the rest.  We only got the other stuff just so we could use up our gift card!  OM.  …but don’t you like their cups?

Pannikin has some great baked goods.  S’s two favorite desserts!  Their carrot cake was deeeelicious (but how come that other lady’s slice was cut much larger than ours?!? :P), and that’s a lemon bar over there.  Too sweet for me, but SWEETie loved it. He enjoyed it over the next couple of days at home.  I got their pineapple carrot muffin.  It sounded better than it tasted.

C’mon babe, just ONE more picture, pleeease???

So, our date night didn’t end up being FREE after all, but it turned out to be even more fun just trying to figure out what to do and where to go next.  Priceless!  (This just means we have to go out again soon so we can redeem those gift cards that are just waiting to be spent!  :P)  Hooray for time with Sweetie!  ❤  ❤  ❤


8 thoughts on “Whoo Hooo! Date Night!

  1. awww date night! that’s so cute, esp. for the kids! oooh lala scully is looking fluffy as ever! btw love your jcrew dress of course (we can be twinsies? i think that’s the hip way of saying ‘twins’ these days, just fyi). and i just made carrot cake cupcakes the other day for my coworker’s bday! (but left the cream cheese frosting at home. whattami supposed to do with just a bowl full of frosting?!). sigh

    • i kno huh? we totally would have loved to just stay and play flashlight tag & snuggle with them in their sleeping bags! 😛 & totally- twinsies all the way!! (of course U would spot a jcrew dress in a heartbeat!) s actually always calls me and bf twinsies allllll the time. hahaha not that we r alike or anything. 😛 you think jcrew would be willing to hire 2 eager young (ok, one young, one very OLD) girls in their sales & advertising or something? it would take absolutely NO effort on our part! oooh carrot cake cupcakes!!! sk’s? yummie… eat the frosting straight up! or just dip your teddy grahams in it!! 😛

  2. yay for date night! hahah i can totally picture Steve saying, “NO MORE PICTURES!!” and you snapping happily away ^^

  3. YAY!!!! date night!!! Such a cute post, Lynnie. You are so cute!!! D is the same way, he doesn’t like taking too many pictures. Hehe.

  4. oh, so cute! i love your dress! styling mama!
    haha, oppa is so funny! he’s smiling in a lot of the pictures though 🙂

    • thx momo! 😛 (dress courtesy of none other than halmoni!) and hey, good point! he is looking rather happy still…and you know he’s so happy cuz he’s with moi! hahaha

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