“It’s Friiiiday, Friiiiday…!”

Last Friday, the Mister and I went to a good friend’s wedding (Congratulations A&R)!  There were no kids allowed so S got 2 of his most capable and reliable students (hey, if you add their ages together it equals 30, so that’s OK right? :P) to babysit our 3 pups for the night.  You can just imagine their excitement…One of the best things about High Schoolers is that they have tons of energy- perfect for spending an evening at OUR house!  The night ended up becoming another date night for S & me too!  Aw yeeah.

What to do at a wedding with no children?!?  Have just a leeeeettle fun with the photo booth!  Much to my surprise (and excitement!), S was the one who suggested we go back the fourth time!  Who knew?!?  (He must have known I *secretly* wanted to go again. :P)

Not too bad for not having much time to pose between shots right?  (How come we never know when these things will actually take the photo?!?)

Thanks for a good time photo booth…

Here I am with the (gorgeous) bride and groom.

I am wearing what I like to call my “ostrich dress,” because…well, just look- doesn’t it remind you of an ostrich?  You can’t really tell, but the top is light pink too.  I found it at the Gap for 7$ a couple of years ago.  Don’t you love those feathery thingys on the bottom?

The wedding ended a bit earlier than expected, and since we already had sitters at home, why not go out for a movie (the one that we didn’t get to see because it was sold out last time)?!?!  Hooray for last-minute fun!  But quick, before we do, why not make a pit stop to git some of the most ridiculously BIG, TEXAS-sized donuts ever?

Welcome to Peterson’s Donut Corner.  There’s Sweetie next in line at 10 pm.

Just look at these ginormous babies.

These are chocolate bars.  Not to be mistaken for MAPLE BARS, which happen to be MY FAVORITE, and the ones that they make best.  Guess what kind of donut THEY WERE ALL OUT OF THIS PARTICULAR NIGHT.  I was having a cow to the man when we were ordering, “OM What!?  No maple bars!?!  How can you be out of maple bars!?!?  Are you sure.  Do you give some sort of free something when you are all out of maple bars!?!?  Are you reeeeally.  But how can they be out of maple bars!??”  S just looks at the man and says, “Don’t pay any attention to her.  I’ll have…”

They don’t just make donuts either.  Chocolate Croissants, cream cheese rolls, enormous muffins the size of your head…

I didn’t get a shot of us eating one  :(!!  So here’s one of a totally random (stranger) person- just so you can see how BIG they really are.

So S started ordering, and KEPT ordering until he got an entire BOX FULL!  (The man started off holding a measly little bag to fill and when I realized, I told him, “Ummm, I think we’re gonna need a BOX.”)  What?!?  Who exactly are we feeding here?!?  And who orders a strawberry iced donut with sprinkles anyways?!?  (I think that was rather cute :P.)  That one actually ended up being Sweetie’s favorite!

So naturally, I had to follow suit.  How could I not?  It’s so difficult to decide.  (There’s my NOT-maple bar on the left.)

On the way home we S decided to share some of our gigantic loot with our sweet babysitters, but how come we “forgot” to offer them any after we got home? 😛  We were too excited to hear about their evening’s adventures.  (Hello, we were gone for nearly 7 hours!?!)  The kids had the time of their lives of course, and when we got home, we found our 2 exhausted “playmates” just lying flat on the carpet!  They had played everything from hide and seek to house, board games, braided hair, danced, and read tons of books.  Hahaha our pups will do that to ya!

So, the Paps and I not only got to use one of our gift cards to the movies, we managed to get some delectable treats (to last us an entire… week) along the way too!   Date nights rock!


P.S.  Don’t you kinda want a donut now?  😛


2 thoughts on ““It’s Friiiiday, Friiiiday…!”

  1. ahhh looks so fun!!! i wanted you-know-who to have a photobooth at his wedding but he obviously did not listen to me. laaame. how was the movie?? any shed tears? 😉 hehehe… those doughnuts look ginormous! twisty ones are the best.

  2. haha, photobooth pix are so funny!! looks like you guys had a lot of fun!!
    🙂 i need to try one of those doughnuts!

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