School Fun!

we are already in our last 2 weeks of school so there has been a lot going on over here!  special activities and events, projects, celebrating people…tons of end-of-the-year fun!

did you know that cheetahs can run up to 75 mph?  naturally, hudson picked the cheetah to do his animal report on…

he sleeps with his very own cheetah every night now.  it used to be ALL about his precious lambie, but not anymore!  i know.  😦  remember lambie?!?

hp has had his “nigh nigh” ever since before he was born (thank you christa! :)) and he nearly sniffed his little left ear off because he would put it under his nose and take such deeeep breaths.  i used to ask him what his ear smelled like, and he would always answer with something different.  sometimes it would smell like strawberries.  my favorite answer was “potato chips, because his ear is nice and crispy.” 😛

until his beloved cheetah came along, he hardly ever spent a single night without lambie.  he started off sleeping with both of them together, but now “nigh nigh” sadly takes his place at the foot of his bed (if not on the floor next to it)!  i can’t wait to save lambie to show hp’s own kids one day.  late last year, auntie cliffstina & uncle steve rescued cheetah from the “pet store” on our trip to the zoo (that’s what he & bf call the souvenir shop where they sell the stuffed animals :P) and now, not a day goes by that we don’t hear the words, “where’s cheetah?!?”

okay, back to school-related things…here he is at open house with his beloved teacher, mrs. sloan (and a particular little sister who likes to sneak into pictures these days :P).  she is the BEST teacher a kid could ever have and we absolutely adore her.

hudson’s hedgie at the art show and you-know-who again!

we got some GREAT books at the book sale that evening…books sales are one of my favorite things in life.  and i just LOVE it when i find old, vintage-illustrated ones!

grandparent’s day celebration!

this year, hp’s beloved halmoni and halabuji drove down from l.a. to be there for their precious “jang-goon” (“general” in korean).  they get the “best-dressed grandparents” award for that day.  so sweet…all nice and spiffy- just for the occasion!

each grade sang a special song in honor of their grandparents.  here he is getting ready to take the stage!

we weren’t sure why, but h kept making the face below… ??  he laughed at himself later when he realized what he was doing.  😛

hp was one of the few to be picked as a part of a special small choral ensemble too!

grandpa kept making him laugh during his performance because he was smiling so big and making faces at hp!

hp loves to sing and perform.  the best is hearing him practice his songs at home!  “oh grandma, grandpaaaah… we love youuuuu.”  hahaha  we were so proud of our little boy…  it’s hard to believe “mommie’s halmoni” came to grandparent’s day just last year-we definitely missed her… she would have been so proud of him too!

bg was particularly squirmish and extra-active today… 😛

mother’s day celebration tea at bf’s preschool!  bf declared, “mommie.  you have to be there.”  it’s still strange for me- i’m used to celebrating mother’s day for our mom’s, not me!

this china set is exactly the same as the one mommie had for years!

meet one of faith’s closest friends at school, isabella.  they like to coordinate what socks they will wear to school beforehand just so they can match.

of course, bg wanted me to take a picture of her socks too.  “mommie, wook!  see?!?”

bg and i will often sit during circle time with bf in the mornings so she’s totally used to hanging out at school.  here they are putting baby sister gracie down for a pretend “nap.”

as you can see, she fits in just perfectly with the class.  if you ask me, she lined up even better than most of faith’s classmates?

“off with her head!” …

before heading home, bg and i stopped by for an impromptu visit to see meester papa kim at the upper school campus.

bf has been learning how to plant and grow things at school.  she loves to check outside to see how her precious bud is growing and make sure he is getting enough water!  (poor little guy is a bit wilty today.)

they have been learning all about counting money, dollars, and cents so hp’s class had a “store day” at school.  each kid opened their own “store” and sold an item of their choice to each of their classmates.  how fun!  (didn’t you love to count money and play banker when you were little?!?)  hudson chose to sell pencils.  you’ve gotta love that price.  😛  they all said he made the best poster.  he did it all by himself!  so creative-this guy.

teacher appreciation week…  i made giant rice crispy treats and s & h delivered them along with flowers and gift cards.  aren’t those pots just adorable?  i found them at the 99-cent store!

happy mother’s day from my sweet, sweet boy!  i think that is supposed to be a (flat, cardboard?) purse of some sort?  😛

hp’s face always brightens my day just like his sunflower!

i saved the best for last…papa and son getting in a quick baseball game after school!   love this shot.  (photo taken by a teacher at school.)

that’s all for now!…looking forward to bf’s preschool graduation (om.) and even more fun things ahead!  xo


One thought on “School Fun!

  1. what?!! no more nigh nigh??!! I didn’t know he got replaced.
    cuz i haven’t been over in so long 😦
    bg is totally ready for school!

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! We miss all of you already!

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