The Crippled Beggar

At school, the students get to go to chapel every Tuesday morning to sing songs, hear a Bible message from a guest speaker, or watch a special something or other.  This week, Hp’s 1st grade class put on a special performance for the entire lower school’s last chapel of the year.  I think it’s pretty neat that his teacher does this every year with just her class.  She LOVES the Bible so Hudson has learned tons of cool things and has asked many good questions throughout the school year.  It has been amazing to see his love for God’s Word and curiosity about anything thing in it grow and I love how he just can’t wait to find out about any story he hasn’t heard yet.

This year Mrs. Sloan’s class did two skits from the book of Acts.  The story of the crippled beggar, and one on Cornelius.  GUESS WHO was the crippled beggar?  hahaha  (I’m not sure HOW  hp gets picked to do these things!  :P)  He also played the part of a soldier in the Cornelius skit.  What better way to learn all about these great Bible stories than to act them out for your school?

Hp with one of his buds, Greyson.  They went to preschool together.  (Good thing his costume was easy :)!)

Time for prayer.  No peeking now!…

“Ready, begin.”  How come they can’t ever seem to finish all at the same time?

The principal announced the winners of this year’s Speech Meet and presented them with their certificates.

Scenes from the show!  Here they are, carrying the poor beggar in on their shoulders.  His line here was, “Thank you for carrying me to the gate.”

Is he not just the cutest little beggar that you ever did see?  Every day when Hp came home from school, I’d ask him, “Hooow’s my crippled beggar??”  😛

Greyson bellowed into the mic anytime he got his hands on it.  It was hilarious.

Hp did such a good job of memorizing all of his lines!

And the BEST part of the whole thing??  When the crippled beggar was HEALED!

“He was walking, and leaping, and praising God, walking and leaping and praaaaising God!”

Hp tooootally sang and danced in the middle of that gym, all by himself and kicked his heels together and everything!  I don’t know how he did it.  It was awesome.

Here they are doing the Cornelius skit.  Hudson the soldier (in beggar’s clothing)!

The End.

Class photo/s?!

Can you spot the little sister in this one?  😛

BOTH of the crippled beggar’s sisters made it into this one…

Run Bf, RUN! … ???

Now where is Bg going???

The funny thing is that my battery died so I couldn’t actually get any class shots, so these were all sent from different parents in Hp’s class.  They all have these pix of 2 little girls (not even in their child’s class) running this way and that on their camera roll!  Oh dear.

Act 3:8 “He (Hudson Kim!) jumped up, stood and began walking around, and he entered the temple courts with them, walking and leaping and praising God.”

Our little “crippled beggar” isn’t so crippled anymore!  😛



2 thoughts on “The Crippled Beggar

  1. saw the video clip and he looked like a jumpin’ jellybean!! go hudson!
    i think i would’ve cried.
    haha, the pix of the girls running through are really funny!

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