Our Weekend

Bits and pieces of our weekend…(and then some).

Every Friday after school Hp & Bf get to go to their beloved art class!  Everyone (alllll the teachers,  friends, secretary…) at the preschool knows about art-class Fridays.  We know this because they all say, “Have fun at art class, Faith!” as we race past them through the hallway.  What certain little birdie told them, I wonder?  😛

Hudson Kim, arteest!  His class lasts for 2 hours, but he could literally sit there alllll day long.  He LOVES anything art.

We finally tried out a local restaurant on our list and had a very impromtu lunch on Saturday!

Bf really wanted to wear her pirate eye-patch.  She would have worn it all throughout our meal, but we kindly asked her to take it off temporarily just so she sould see/eat her food properly :P.

It didn’t open till 1130 so we had some time to roam around…

The food was awfully good.  We were pretty impressed.  But then, we were ALL super hungry too.  I could hardly get the pictures taken before hungry hands began to reach!

Yes, these would be the Beer Cheese Fries…So.  Good.

Ceasar salad.  *The kids enjoyed all of the croutons, tomatoes, and crunchy bits of lettuce, so all that was left for me & S was wilty lettuce and some dressing!  😛

Fried chicken and waffles please?  The fried chicken was unusually good, and their waffles were amazing.  (Again, we were hungry.)

Grilled (b e e r) chez sandveech on some tasty bread for the kiddos (parents)!

Yes.  I did.  Really. Good thing (and not-so-good thing) I wore my overalls!

Thanks to one Uncle Joe who just so happened to be stopping by, Sweetie and I got to go on a quick, last-minute date!  (That’s four in a row- I could get used to this! :P)

Sunday morning…Rise and Shine, it’s Reading time!  Our 3 pups set up their very own cozy little “reading nook” on the stairs.

 Big family breakfast.  (And finally, a new tablecloth.  :P)

 Fluffiest pancakes ever.

SWIMMING in a sea of…

New summer sandals on their way to church!  (Desparately needing new summer pedicure to go with them :P).

(Patiently) waiting…waiting…waiting… for cousins to come over for dinner.  “Papa, how many more minutes?”

Lots of fun, FOOD, and as always, craziness 😛…more good times to come!



6 thoughts on “Our Weekend

  1. oooh, everything looks so fun! haha.
    oh my, is bf going through a pirate stage?!! hahaha. she is too funny!
    those beer cheese fries look good!!
    i especially like the picture of you eating with the overalls on! haha. love it!
    can you teach me how to make the hashed browns?!
    and, love the new shoes!
    see you soon!!
    (let’s try to get an all cousins picture!)

    • you would LOVE the beer chez fries momo. i totally thought of you while enjoying them! keke and of course! hash browns SO EASY to make…shred potatoes on grater or food processor, fry in a little hot oil in pan! trick is to turn only once and not to skimp on the oil…mommie’s famous hash browns were the BEST. i can never make em as crispy and yummie as she did…:P

  2. What a great weekend!
    LOL, you still look so cute in your overalls! Only you can pull it off!
    H’s drawing is amazing!

    • oh THERE you are jane!!! (i was just thinking i haven’t heard from you in a while!) we always LOVE your little comments, they make us smile. 😛 i haven’t forgotten about your breakfast-on-the-go request- i actually started a post on it but haven’t gotten around to finishing it! it’s on my list! so good to hear from you dear jane-yah!!! xoxo

      • I’ve been kinda out of sorts for few weeks with the news of my dad’s cancer. He’s been diagnosed with kidney cancer and will be undergoing a surgery in a week…. Please keep our familly in your prayer. ^^ I love your blog and being able to be part of your life this way!

  3. what a coincidence i JUST made those fluffy pancakes the other day! started craving them (with choco chips) @ midnight when a friend was over.. spontaneously decided to make them and of course a little chip decides to burn and causes my fire alarm to go off (sorry roommate). ah, no regrets, so good 🙂
    i’m sorry, beer fries you say??!
    love that cozy little reading nook! i want to join! baby alligator time?
    love that you have (and use) an egg cup 🙂
    and those red sandals are cuuuute! i just did a sad little pedi on my own..

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