A Pre-Graduation Pampering

While I certainly can be very girly in many ways :P, I was never really the particularly “foo foo” type.  I’m not so good at braiding hair and wish I knew how to apply make-up on properly.  I didn’t get even my first real salon-pedicure until after S & I were married. ( I’m TOTALLY up for getting the occasional nail treatment or even massage now though, if you please!  :P)

As soon as we found out Faith was going to be a girl, I couldn’t wait until she would be old enough for us to paint each others’ fingernails, get her ears pierced, and go to get pampered together one day.  I didn’t even think to take her to a salon this early on, but there was a great deal on a little-girl’s manicure and hair extension(?) month’s ago (who would pay full price for this?!?), and I just couldn’t pass it up.  It expired this month, so I thought- what a perfect little gift for our little graduating pre-schooler?

I booked her appointment for the day before her graduation ceremony and she was super excited.  Her eyes gleamed when she heard the salon-lady’s voice calling to confirm her appointment on our voicemail.  I was glad she was excited, and curious to see how she would do (and if she’d really enjoy it)?  Her and Bg looove to have their nails done at home, so why not?

Well, Bf’s salon-experience turned out to be great.  She sat like a pro and they treated her like a little princess.

The lady who did Bf’s nails couldn’t have been any sweeter.  They really tried to make her first trip to the salon and her graduation special.  I thought she would just maybe file and paint her nails real quick, but she reeeeeally took her time and gave her a full-on spa manicure!  Mommie was jealous.  😛

Pink with pink glitters of course.  And Bg looking on longingly wondering when her turn will be?

She must have massaged Bf’s arms for an entire 5 minutes (which is long especially when you have such little arms)!  When I asked Bf how it felt she just nodded, good.  I remember thinking when I first got my nails done…this feels kinda funny…it tickles….is this supposed to feel nice?  On the ride home, Bf actually mentioned that she really liked the massage part.  (Just like Mommie. :P)

Bf probably had the cleanest fingernails she’s ever had since she was a wee little baby.  No more dirt from the sandbox, no crayon wax or tiny bits of food (and who knows what else) stuck in there anymore!  She cleaned those babies good.  Aahhh, doesn’t that feel nice Bf?

Meanwhile, little sister was enjoying herself by getting acquainted with her surroundings.  (You didn’t think she stood there watching the entire time now, did you?)

Time to paint!

(How come our kids are already so dark and tan?!?  It isn’t even summer yet!!!)

So Bf did AWESOME just up until it was time to dry…I don’t blame her,  because it literally. took. forever. to. dry.  Poor girl.  She also wasn’t too keen on the drying machine at first, but I think she was sold after we assured her it would help speed up the drying process.


Bg came over to help “blow”…

Ooh la la!

 Hmmm…what ees thees contraption??

Onto hair next!

I honestly wasn’t sure WHAT a feather hair extension was or what it would look like, but it was either that or a color bug (?), which sparkled and was shiny and looked like something JEM and the Holograms would wear.  Remember that Saturday morning cartoon?  Naturally, I went with the feather.  It could stay in your hair for up to 4 weeks too.  I guess feathers in your hair are supposedly the “in” thing these days?  Eehhh…I was a bit skeptical when I saw our choices:

(Right?)  I figured we could always take it out if it looked funny.

Turns out, a feather hair extension is exactly that.  A feather hair extension.

It actually looked pretty cool later, (from afar?) after we pulled her hair back into a ponytail.  Kinda like a hot pink highlight/streak running through her hair.  (Not quite, but close.)

The absolute HIGHLIGHT of the day had to be THIS though:

We never, hardly ever give the kids candy, but since this was a special occasion, the guest of honor got to pick her favorite, *PINK* Starburst for a treat.  You should have seen her face light up when I said yes.

Her nails were STILL NOT DRY (!!!) so it was a bit hard to peel.  I was so proud of her for really trying to keep her nail polish on.

Ta-Dah!  A fully pampered, ready-to-graduate, Bf!!!

Since her nails were STILL gooey and drying, (I think it was the glitter nail polish?)  I had to keep reminding her to be careful and try not to touch anything on the ride home.  A difficult request for a young four-year old, I know.  We were out and about running errands, and I just assumed they would dry fully by then.  I’m not exactly sure when she did it, but by the time we got home, I checked, and she had literally picked off almost ALL of the nail polish!  Oh BF.  This is what she had to show Papa when he got home.

And the feather that was supposed to stay in her hair for up to a month or more?  Came out (was pulled out), at school the very next day, right after her graduation ceremony.  (Honestly, I didn’t mind the feather part so much.)

Oh.  Dear.  Lesson learned.  :P… And (again), just as her expression says, what’s a girl to do???

She may not have polish on her nails, or a silly feather in her hair, but she will always, always be our beautiful, irresisatable, hilarious, sweet, caring, huggable, and fun-loving, full-of-life ” Baby”  Faith. 

Graduation celebration to come!



5 thoughts on “A Pre-Graduation Pampering

  1. awww way to go bf!!! i remember i got MY first pedi with you 🙂 and right on with the pink starbursts- def. the best one

    • we’re going again as soon as you’re back down here so save those toe nails!! 😛 s’s fav starbursts are the light green ones…tropical something or other? i’m partial to strawberry banana (if i ever eat one), and hp likes LEMON of all things!!!?!? who likes the yellow ones?

  2. aw, so sweet! we shall all go together one time! soon!!
    way to go bf!
    that pink feather thing is strange. but, yes, i have seen many kids with that in their hair. :p

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