Weekend Adventures

guess who got to go on another date nite??!?  that’s right babay babay!  that makes – count them, FIVE weeks in a row now… we’re on a roll!  (tune in next week to see if we break the streak!)  THANKS to our beloved momo and uncle jon who so very graciously insisted on taking in our 3 pups and adding them to their own crew of 2 over the weekend!  that makes an infant, 1 year-old, 2, 4, and 6 year-old all under one small, 2-bedroom roof!  om.  yes, they are that awesome and crazy.  crazy about their nieces and nephew that is!  the pups came home spoiled, tired, and happy from all the fun, having spent a great time with their bud, baby dom and co.!  HUGE props to you momo & uncle jon! (it must be awfully quiet over there now.  keke) we love you and hope you recover soon!!!  😛

s and i both felt like having fresh seafood, so off we headed to Point Loma Seafoods!

what you see is what you get!  all of their seafood is fresh as can be…you order right over the counter and they yell out your number when your food is ready.

“order number sixty-nine!” (that was us.  he really didn’t even have to say it because we were riiiight there… hungry and waiting in anticipation.)

everything was mighty tasty…you can’t tell from the photo, but those shrimp were not at all shrimp-sized, they were juicy, LARGE, and in charge!  we did wish they had more grilled options.  everything was pretty much fried, which takes away from that fresh, seafoody goodness!

here’s our very scenic view overlooking the water.  it was nice- if you actually took a moment to look up and catch a glimpse while eating (scarfing).

now off to downtown SD for a bit of walking around town maybe?  well the streets were SO packed because it was memorial day eve, we just decided to drive through and call in a take-out order from a pizza place we wanted to try out for a while (you know, for later).  turns out, we didn’t get very far because…

our car suddenly sounded like a helicopter (random people walking the streets even yelled out at us, “well that doesn’t sound good!”) and we began moving up and down up and down…  but oh, how convenient,  we ended up in front of something sweet!  (unfortunately, not very much selection.)  ;(  i so wanted to order something too!

i was so glad sweetie was there to take care of everything!  as always.  all i did was sit and wait in the car and order our pizza!  it would take a little over an hour to bake because their specialty is deep-dish.  just in time for AAA to come and do his thing!  we weren’t too sure of where the pizza place was located exactly, but when i mentioned the cross streets to s, he looked up, and lo and behold, there it was!  right around the cornah!  (it was meant to be i tell you.)

our pie wasn’t quite ready yet, so we got to walk around the town a bit after all!  the streets were packed and there were crazy people everywhere.  (when i say crazy, i mean women in bikinis kinda crazy.) S absolutely would NOT get in the picture, so…

pizza’s ready!  a tiny, hole-in-the-wall pizza joint, this place sure lived up to the hype!  we ordered their signature spinich & mushroom with sausage.  their tomato sauce is just awesome, and the crust not at all doughy.  the box was so heavy too!  chicago deep-dish at it’s best.

by then, we were d.o.n.e. with being downtown amidst all of the debauchery and wanted to head outta town asap.  on the s l o w   ride home in the right lane (with our spare on), s had a sudden craving for a sherbet shake (???) from none other than…the parlor with the pink spoons!  when was the last time you went there, right?  dontcha just love those clowns?  classic.  and who didn’t like those ice cream cakes growing up!?

back in the day, you could find s (aka. faceless man of mystery) on the other side of the counter at your local baskin robbins. “what can i get for you?”  it was one of the first jobs he had in h.s..  i asked him what his favorite 31-flavor was and he said daquari ice, so i tried it…blech!  what is that exactly anyway?!?

as you can very well see, he didn’t end up getting the shake.  or the daquari ice.  that’s chocolate and chocolate peanut butter…???

(the mrs. opted for fresh fruit and a cherry turnover from sprouts.)  here is s, trying to avoid the papparazzi again…(c’mon sweetie!  just let me take one photo and get it out of the way already!)

well, date nite turned out to be quite the adventure…no matter what,  flat tires, “NO pictures!” 😦 and all,  it’s always fun when you’re with sweetie!

*kids are home now! back to real life and…bicycle accidents!?!??

someone took a nastee spill off of her bike!  yes, that is indeed our poor, precious bf and her newly busted upper lip.  the weather was so nice out, we went for a family bike ride after dinner, and hp and mommie saw the whole thing happen as she wobbled, then flew, fell, then tumbled.  our little one recently went training wheel-LESS (whoo hoo bf!!!) which explains part of it.  the rest, is just bf being BF.  😛  blood gushing from her nose and mouth (and tears from her eyes), we ran to her and papa wiped her face down with his shirt, and placed her in the bike trailer next to bg, wailing and holding onto her bike all the way home.

once we got her all cleaned up, we were relieved to see she wouldn’t need stitches!  so thankful there were no broken bones too.  what a trooper.  still smiling!

her injury couldn’t keep this snackity pup from having her popcorn!

pretty gnarly huh?  now that’s a doozy of  a “war wound” (as uncle joe would call it) if i ever saw one.  way to go bf.

*the day after.  our wounded came in our room this morning while i was in bed.  when i opened my eyes, lo and behold, there was her adorable face right in front of mine, peering over me…bf stuck out her lip and said, “look, mommie.”  hahaha  …still smiling though!!!  that’s my girl.

school’s out and it’s officially summer for us!  what more exciting adventures are in store i wonder..?!



One thought on “Weekend Adventures

  1. 1) haha. it sure is quiet around here . . . crickets . . . crickets . . . bd is so bored now. haha. he has no one to fight with or share his room with (bg noona).
    2) wow! your guys’ date night is pretty awesome!
    (oppa used to bring home slabs of daiquiri ice. my favorite back then too!)
    3)oh poor bf 😦
    glad it wasn’t more serious. what a scare.
    4) we must come visit soon!!

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