“Where Have We Been?”…Part I

I know, seriously!  Has it really been that long since my last post!?!  Not for a lack of things to report… in fact, quite the opposite!  Too TOO much to catch up on~ we have been keeping quite busy as soon as school let out, not to mention the fact that I have been feeling just a bit “out of sorts” lately…

Here’s a quick-ish look at what’s been going on in the Kim family household these days.  As soon as summer began, I had high hopes and BIG plans to be productive and get things done, so I got our “homeschool” table along with lesson plans, supplies, activities, workbooks, etc. ready to go!

Too bad this lasted all but a good week, and then Papa was done with school!  And when Papa’s not away, the Pups will PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!  :0)  Super Papa took all three to DISNEYLAND the day right after the last day of school!  BY HIMSELF!  Crazy man. Only S….They had the time of their lives of course.

Guess who performed in his very FIRST piano recital?  Hp has been playing since the fall and would probably play even better if Papa & Mama were a bit more dedicated to assisting him during the week.  😛  (Doesn’t he look like a pro?)

Little sisters were so proud of their Oppa.

Hudson Kim, Pianist, played “Morning” and did a terrific job… but how come he stumbled just a leeettle over one part after he practiced it PERFECTLY time and time again at home?!?!  😛  We were proud of him…it takes a lot to get up in front of all those people!

Oh what does it take to get all three pups (or rather, the two girls) to look at the camera at the same time???

Oh Bf…

Oh Bg…

Afterwards, Papa took us all out to celebrate with the perfect special treat!  (Right before dinner at that!)

3 scoops of strawberry (with cone hats on top) please!

The girl pups finished even the pink soupy part.  Hp was more interested in the balloons.

Check out princess Bf’s tiara…giant pearls and all.

That’s supposed to be a (green) cheetah.  Hp wanted it to be his favorite color.

Finally, some decent looking toenails!

This is what our little culdesac looks like on any given evening.  After school, weekends, and SUMMER, all of our little friends come out to play!!!  We LOVE our neighbors and can’t get enough of them.

Vrrrooom vrooom vroom~ go, Bg go!

Looooots of non-stop action goin’ on…

As you can imagine, our street can get quite LOUD with all of the voices and  fancy-schmancy vehicles cruising around!

Picnic and play at the park anyone?

These photos were taken not too long after Bf’s little bicycle accident, and her injury was healing.  I couldn’t help but laugh every time I looked at her because she looked just like a certain infamous historical figure (who shall remain nameless). “Hail BF!”

Still enjoying perfect dessert trays eeeeeeeevery, single, night- now with fresh summer fruits!

Next, we were off to…can you guess where???

MORE “Where Have We Been?” Fun to come!

I ❤ Summer!!!  xo


4 thoughts on ““Where Have We Been?”…Part I

  1. oh my!! “Hail, BF!” hahaha ok…do you guys LIVE at disneyland??? did you know that N & I just bought season passes?! Could we PLEASE coordinate to play together at disneyland?! the only unfortunate thing is we only a few more days in June left and then all of July is blacked out =( STILL – can we?? ^^

    • hahaha YES. we absolutely do. in fact, our new addy is 100 disney way. 😛 and hooray for season passes! s & i got a year pass waaaaaay back when we first got married too! too fun. let’s TOOOOTALLY meet there!!! yes please is right! s says we may be going this very friday evening in fact!! (but are you blacked out that day?) i hope we can do it before july, we’d love to see you two!! p.s. i can’t get enough of that wedding pic….gorgeous!!! xo

      • =( aww sad we are blacked out Friday. Jun 17-19, 24-28 are the only days we have left. and then ALL of July is blacked out!! well, if not disneyland, our next free Saturday is 7/21. perhaps we could go down for a visit?? miss you guys SO much!

  2. aw, love it. can’t believe so much is going on and so sad that we’re totally missing out. we’ll have to come visit soon!!

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