Crispy Cheese Tortillas

What is the best part of the perfect grilled cheese or quesadilla?  (Okay, so besides the melted ooey-gooey cheesy goodness that oozes out from within.)  I  believe this to be that very oozing cheese that happens to seep out and crisp up along the sides of the outside as it grills in the pan, no?  I often serve our pups quesadillas with whatever fillings we happen to have in the fridge, (a great way to use up those last mish-mash of leftovers)!  But lately, since we’ve discovered this crispity-crunchity concoction, it’s been deconstructed quesadillas with chicken, veggies, avocados, and the like served separately, and these marvelous crackling, splotchy frisbees on the side instead!

So what oh what to name this then?  Inside-out quesadilla?  Tortilla a la frico?  Queso Planet? I finally decided on “Crispy Cheese Tortilla” because, that is essentially what this is.  A tortilla, corn or flour, fried on both sides in a non-stick pan, or in this case, my trusty cast iron skillet, (which has consequently become my most favorite and most often used tool in the kitchen these days), with the cheese on the OUTSIDE, melted until toasty, and almost very nearly burnt.  No folding over or layering here!  The cheese becomes an outer layer of delicate brittle and when you bite into it, it shatters, then you chew into the tortilla…it is ohhh so very tasty!

I use corn tortillas for our 3 pups since they are a bit more substantial nutritionally, and I also like the fact that you use less cheese than you would in your typical quesadilla.  (Not that chez is so bad!)  And as they always do, they love everything and anything all the more if its crispy!  YOU can by all means feel free to load on the cheese though- cover it up baby!  (I added more cheese for Papa pup).  The cheesier it is, the more crackly, and the more crackly, the better!

I’d say these would also fall into the category of “easy-peasy” too.  Barely any ingredients, and in no time at all.  Such a gratifying end result for so little effort is worth it in my book!

Crispy Cheese Tortilla

What you need:

Tortillas (corn or flour, S says the flour is crispier, but the pups don’t know this :P).

Shredded cheese (we used cheddar, but feel free to play around here!)

Pam cooking spray  (I made these on the more health-ful side, but I wonder what a pat of butter might do here?  hmmmm…:P)


Heat skillet on until nice and hot.  Spray with cooking spray, cook tortilla on both sides for 30 seconds or so.  Sprinkle desired amount of cheese on top until it melts a bit.  Turn over, then sprinkle other side with cheese.  You may have to play with the strength of the flame depending on your pan.  Cook for a couple of minutes or until cheese begins to crisp up nicely (checking along the way), then flip.  Toast up side two.  Take out of pan just a second before you think it’ll burn!

You’ll know when it’s done as soon as the wonderfully cheesy and toasty aroma fills the air and you can’t wait to take a bite into it.  ;0)

More chez!  More chez plez!


2 thoughts on “Crispy Cheese Tortillas

  1. more chez! more chez! must try to make for bd! he doesn’t like to eat things put together yet, so the whole deconstructed thing will be perfect!!

  2. ahhh love crispy cheese! like when they oozed out of the ends of the taquitos! mmmm.. i will have to make these after i get back from the desert….

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