And We’re BACK!…

…did you miss us?  😛

!?!?!?!  my last update came at the start of summer!  fast forward through the past couple of months, and it’s back to school AND back to this here poor, neglected blog (hopefully for the long haul!?)

our happy family back in july ;0)…

summer flew by (summer?  what summer!?!?) with papa (far) away here and there for nearly a month, trips to the splash park & our favorite “park”, palm springs, neighborhood fun, lots of good food, celebrating birthdays, and sooo much more that before we knew it, papa was off to 50 different stores on his annual school-supply rampage!  (one of his faaaavorite things to do…first he scopes out the ads then he’s off!  mama loves it b/c she doesn’t have to buy a single glue stick.  :P)  and this year, we had another school supply list to add to the bunch!  bg’s!

hooray!  she did it!  our little bg can now go to pre-school!  *props to papa who has successfully potty-trained THREE pups now!  (mommie helps of course, but he takes on the toughest first couple of days when most of the accidents happen :P).

a photo update on summer & some news (too much catching up to do!) in the days to come- but in the meantime, here’s a brief kick-off to get back into the swing of things.  the kim family home has been all hustle and bustle- with coach papa busy with football season, trying to get back into some sort of routine with (more!) lunches to pack, uniforms to wash, and homework to do…

…but still having TONS of fun!  we even managed to get in a chargah game the first weekend after school started!

one of coach kim’s players’ family was gracious enough to give us some great seats…score!

you even had to wear a special bracelet in our section.  it had a cool charger bolt on it.  hey-free sovenier for the pups!  (hp still hasn’t taken his off yet.  :P)

thanks to s’s coaching, this must’ve been hp’s 6th charger game now?  (i’d say that’s alot for a 7-year old!)…  this was mommie’s first!!

first days…

our little graduate bf now gets to go to school with papa and oh-baah at the BIG campus now!!  early mornings and one more pup to get ready every day for meester papa.  that’s right, you bettah watch out school- Hudson and Faith are taking over!  *i absolutely love this photo.  papa captured such a sweet moment as our two pups walked hand-in-hand from his classroom down to the lower school…

the very first day of school…twinsies!  (notice the gap in hp’s mouth? someone lost his 2nd tooth this summer!)

our little watermelon’s first day of school everrrrrrr  (how come she looks so big?!?)

just hanging out in papa’s classroom after school…

that’s all for now!…(it’s good to be back.  :0) )



6 thoughts on “And We’re BACK!…

  1. glad you’re back too, lynnie! i was wondering when your next post to be! 😉 back-to-school means the holidays are coming up soon!!!

  2. Ahhh back in business! Woohoo! love the watermelon dress debut! I think I can even see the seeds on my phone screen 🙂 keep the updates coming please! I already feel deprived!

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