Iiiiiit’s a…..


yes, ’tis true, ’tis true!  we’ve had just a leeeettle something growing in our family (my belly) over the past few months!  SIX months to be exact.  6 months already!!! it feels like just yesterday that we found out!

this year’s mother’s day card…(from waaay back in the month of MAY!?!)

just when we thought we were done with diapers, strollers, nursing covers & burp cloths too :P!!!! big brother, and big sisters are SUPER excited to welcome another little baby into our family of 5 and it’s been even more fun because they understand what’s going on even better this time around!

big sis bf holding up “baby” who was the size of an avocado during week 17 or so?  on baby center, they approximate the size of the baby week by week…this week (week 24) baby is about as long as an ear of corn!

courtesy of papa who snapped quite an attractive photo of his beautiful sleeping beauty on the couch during her first trimester…

so there you have it, our BIG news…finally!  so that’s what’s really been going on around here lately…which explains the lack of posts, etc.!  i wasn’t keeping it a secret or anything- just couldn’t seem to find a good way to announce it here?

and yes, it is (most certainly) a GIRL!  i must admit, we were ALL kinda hoping for a boy this time…especially PAPA who doesn’t know what he will do with himself surrounded by FOUR females in 10 years when hp leaves the house  (*also note: “fourth baby” on hudson’s mother’s day card pictured above) ;P.  but of course we are all THRILLED no matter what!  and while we aren’t 100% sure yet,  what better name could we give her than JOY after her sweet grandmother?  how perfect would that be…faith, gracie, and come december, little joy?!?

bg and i went to visit mommie just over a week ago for her (already!) 1-year memorial.  we cut the hydrangeas (my favorite) that she planted for my birthday years ago in our backyard and bg placed them ever so carefully for her beloved halmoni.  😛

it was so strange and too real seeing BOTH her and daddy side by side for the first time.  it was still good to remember them… celebrating mom’s first year together with daddy again, finally with her Father in Heaven (and a small blessing that recently potty-trained bg had to go pee pee so we couldn’t stay too long anyways…:0)).

remembering mommie…

BEST mother & halmoni anyone could ever have!

some of the last photos with halmoni- new year’s blessing for her beloved grandchildren and sae-bae-hae-ing!  😛

i can’t seem to get enough of this song these days…Papa brought it home to us after his trip to the Dominican Republic this summer. i am SO not a crier, (just ask s :P)- but somehow whenever i hear or sing the words, tears begin to well up in my eyes!

“10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)”

Bless the Lord, O my soul
O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name
The sun comes up, it’s a new day dawning
It’s time to sing Your song again
Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes
You’re rich in love, and You’re slow to anger
Your name is great, and Your heart is kind
For all Your goodness I will keep on singing
Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find


And on that day when my strength is failing
The end draws near and my time has come
Still my soul will sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years and then forevermore

[Chorus x2]
Bless the Lord, O my soul
O my soul
Worship His holy name
Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name

Jesus, I’ll worship Your holy name
Lord, I’ll worship Your holy name

Sing like never before
O my soul
I’ll worship Your holy name
Jesus, I’ll worship Your holy name
I’ll worship Your holy name

we sang this song with uncle joe & the pups on mommie’s memorial day along with her favorite hymn, “how great thou art.”  the kids even know the chorus by heart now and sang their little voices out!  we were so encouraged and uplifted,  you couldn’t help but laugh & smile…it was hard to be sad at all!  how come God knows our hearts so well?  🙂

it’s so fitting that it’s so close to Psalm 103 too… mommie’s favorite Psalm!  that last verse always kills me because i just know that is exactly what mommie was doing in her last moments…praising her Lord and worshiping Him till the end.

~ praising Him “whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me”… and thanking Him for who He is and the precious gift of new life!  ;0)



6 thoughts on “Iiiiiit’s a…..

  1. aw, this was a great post. loved seeing all the pictures of your mom.
    Joy is the perfect name for your baby girl. She is going to be the best baby ever, even better than all our babies!!! ❤
    miss you all already!

    • i know…i had such a hard time picking out which photos to post! i just picked ones with the kids so no one would get too sad :P…is it even possible to be better than all our babes?!?! kekeke 😛 xoxo

  2. yayy! the avocado post! i’m so behind on your blog, silly school…. heh. is bg wearing sunglasses?! awww that cutie. i love all those pictures with the kiddies and your mom! wish baby joy could meet her halmoni (that meeting will have to wait!) so i guess bj will have to bring more blessings into the kim fam in her stead! can’t wait! 🙂

    • awwww…bj!!! i wish she could meet her halmoni too. your comment nearly brought tears to my eyes doree!! i LOVE ALL of your comments!! yes, bg is sporting sunglasses as it was an extremely hot and sunny day…she kept saying, “BECAUSE (her new fav word) it’s hot, i need glasses. i need glasses because it’s hot..” hahaha xo

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