this weekend, snippets of summer, and other such things…

welcome to the kim kids’ home!  😛

our dear neighbors across the street gifted the girls this awesome house for their birthdays and (papa simply couldn’t understand why) i was soooo super excited (ecstatic) when they brought it over- but it was BECAUSE…

GUESS WHO had one JUST like it when she was little!?!?!!?

that’s right- it was ME ME MEEE!!!! only i didn’t have to DIY color it :P.  but our pups had a ball decorating their new little home, ‘special delivery’ mailboxes and all!  (i still can’t believe i managed to dig up this old photo.  where is that cool vintage horse now!?!?)

* speaking of BIRTHDAYS, we celebrated our little gracie’s THIRD birthday on august 24th! *

who wants cupcakes when you can have popcicles?!  the perfect special birthday treat to share with friends at pre-school on a hot August day… (and poor mrs. brenda who had many a barely-half-eaten-melty-mess to clean up after!)

it’s amazing how much she’s grown in a year…turning TWO:  just look at that little-bear face!!!  (and then… just take a look at bf’s).

this year, we went for some 31 and bg enjoyed a classic clown version of her favorite flavor…chocolate!  (not sure where this new under-bite smile is coming from?)

a bit perplexed at the sparkley candle, and enjoying her comfy new “bur-dae chae-ah”!

bg was verrrrry excited to celebrate at none other than chuck e’ chez!

bf & hp- so intense their eyes even began to change & were all aglow

happy birthday bg!!!  we love you!

*(bg’s birthday pix courtesy of our beloved doree, who stayed over that weekend and not only celebrated with us & showered us with gifts, but saved pregnany mommie.  oh how we/I  love you dorothy!!)

* movie nite! *

this past weekend we enjoyed the last of our neighborhood outdoor movies at the park.  last month it was cars 2, and this time we enjoyed a showing of dr. seuss’ the lorax!  we packed up our chairs, blankets, popcorn & fruit and took them to-go!  (i’m not sure who enjoys it more- mommie or the pups :P?)  we’re gonna need another folding chair in a few years for baby #4!  but by then, hp will probably be so big he’ll need an adult-sized one??

we also hosted our very own movie nite at home out of the garage for all of our good friends on plumeria lane!  we sadly only got to do it once this summer 😦 , but there are always weekends right?

we actually got to show a handful of movies last year when the tradition started.  our pups just LOVE opening up their home and absolutely LOVE movie nite.  we play the movies on a very verrrrry old big-screen tv handed over to us from my mil years ago.  it is quite dated.  the depth of the tv is as wide as an entire flat-screen and it is not exactly hd-quality!  but, it’s just the thing.  and to think we almost got rid of it!  (gasp!)

*i should mention that papa especially loves movie nite because he gets to clear out the garage and put everything back again.  kekeke  thank you papa.

(if you would, please ignore the mess that is surrounding the tv- i was going to crop it out, but trying to keep it real here :P).

what is movie nite/(our home) without popcorn and snacks?  last year, our sweet friend abby’s mommie even made blueberry pancakes and brought them over to share!  yum.

our pups already have our next movie nite film all picked out and ready to go- now it’s just a matter of when will be the next showing!

* 4th of July fireworks spectacular! *

for the past few years, we have been celebrating the 4th by driving all but a few blocks away to our local high school where they put on a fireworks show!  we could very well watch them from home, but why not join our neighbors and enjoy them together?  if you haven’t noticed already, we live in a pretty awesome community here.  i just love it.

next time you see bf, you should ask her how she likes fireworks?  sure, she looks all fine and happy here, but once those fireworks start going, her eyes are shut tight and she’s holding on to papa for dear life!  i don’t think she saw a single spark.  (“oh bf…:P”)

* homemade ricotta *

this was the second time i made homemade ricotta cheese and om, it was simply delicious.  i couldn’t be more glad that i accidentally bought a gallon of whole milk instead of 2% and same goes for everyone else!  if you haven’t tried making fresh ricotta, you really really ought to.  it’s super easy, takes very few ingredients, and there’s nothing like it!

i used a combination of recipes and tweaked them a little according to the ingredients i had on-hand, including lemons picked fresh from our tree!

there are so many ways to enjoy ricotta…pasta, pizza, desserts?  but here’s what we did:

or, you could just eat it with a spoon right out of the tub, like i did.  😛

and just because we haven’t had a picture of a ‘dessert’ tray in a while…(oh how we long for the cherries of summer)!

okee, it’s back to packing lunches, homework, football practice, and the school week for now…more summer fun and ‘catching up’ to come!



5 thoughts on “this weekend, snippets of summer, and other such things…

  1. i have never seen a cardboard house like that before!! looks soo fun!! did the fort have to come down then to make space?? aww man i look back at those pictures when i’m in need of a hearty smile 🙂 can’t believe the little nugget turned 3! i miss summer fruits (although i did find some ripe watermelon at tj’s!) and summer weather (tornado warning here today. what?!) and outdoor movie nights (although i’ve never been. please invite me to your next one??)! mmmmm bruschetta! the most adventurous i’ve been in the culinary world since moving was.. hmm nope. i got nothing. i shall live vicariously through you!

    • what. no cardboard house for the 5 dokkos?!?! so sad- deprived i tell you!!! and of course would you join us for our next movie nite pleeeease?? if you come, we shall host one in your honor! we miss you so much do-ree please come back!!!

  2. is that onion rings on the dessert tray??!! love all the pictures, especially the one with you and your mom and your cardboard house. I never had one of those. the big screen tv still works??!! haha, that’s awesome. can’t wait for our next get together. when will that be???!!

    • yes yes homemade and BAKED onion rings! SO good…recipe to come! i kno- your bro. said you guys never had a cardboard house- he said, who has one of those anyways? haha i think he just feels bad b/c he never got one. kekeke and yes that ancient tv still works! we shud have a movie nite once bd can sit thru an entire movie! 😛 and we need to get together again soon…need to dress up in our costumes to take pix!! what’s bc gonna be?? i have cute costumes i need to give uuuuuuuuu

  3. love love that little playhouse! so cute. and i can’t wait to try to make my own ricotta. not sure when i will try it, but thanks for inspiring me. it sure looks amazing, simple, and fun to eat. yay for movie night & yummy snacks!! 🙂

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