Happy Harvest!

Tah Daaaah!  Here they are!  Presenting…this year’s Super Sly Ninja, Pretty Pink Flower Fairy, and Roar Roar Dinosaur!

Our three pups were beyond excited to rush home after school, get bathed, and down their dinners so they could hurry up and get in their trick-or-treating before the sun went down.  We were literally the first ones out ringing doorbells!  😛

a quick look at just 2 years ago- 2010…om how little are they!?!!!  it was fun looking through old photos- (notice our recycled Easter baskets?  that’s right double duty)!

this is the only one of all three pups where bf was actually grinning (slightly)!

i must now take a moment to highlight our dear bf…just look at that face.

i shall let this photo speak for itself.

my bf, how very… statuesque.

there’s our smiley girl!

(*i must say, that dinosaur costume is one of my all-time favorites!)

our just-barely-walking bumble bee…

and this little guy.  no words…

okee now back to 2012!  my apologies in advance, but please prepare yourself for photo-overload.  (it’s just too hard to pick!)

just look at bg’s “hehehe- i’m up to something” face (the one she has quite often :P).

she just looooves to ROOOOOOAR!  everywhere we went.  she’d ROAR.

trick-or-treating, bg would take her little time at some of the houses and strike up a conversation with whoever was handing out the candy…she’d stick out her tummie and ask, “do you wike my dinosaw?”  or she’d comment on what they were wearing.  or, she’d just ROAR.  and then, she’d go and reach for more candy (as if she didn’t get any yet)!  and how could they resist.  (you don’t think that was on purpose do you?)

precious flower fairy faith…somehow bf’s costume just came together.  her ballet leotard, tights, and favorite headband, throw on some fairy wings & a flower skirt and voila!

this year at school, hp’s class got to dress up as a favorite book character, so mommie had the privilege of looking for the perfect costume (*with not too much on it)!  😛  on her way out to her SIXTH store, she saw our friend across the street and happened to ask if they might have an old ninja costume…lo and behold!  (don’t ask why she didn’t think to ask sooner)…needless to say, our ninja got his costume… and loved it!  i even found him wearing it mask and all- doing his homework (and sweating) at his desk!

earlier in the week, i watched as our ninja carefully spread out his costume flat on the floor.  i started to ask why he was doing that and stopped when i realized he wanted to copy it in order to draw THIS- the cutest ninja (besides the real thing) EVERRRR!  we had to hang it on the fridge right away.  just look at those beady eyes!

and here’s his depiction of all three of them (he did this one in a hurry).  not sure about porportion here…bf the GIANT flower fairy?

trick-or-treat!  three little ducklings, all in a row…(and our precious little tinkerbell friend abby :P)

mommie & bj (baby joy :))  had a fun time running from house to house trying to keep up with our speedy candy collectors!

“twick-oh-tweat!  rooooah!  tank uuu!”

at one point, bf plopped right down and sat in front of one of the doorways after ringing the bell… so naturally, bg followed suit.  ???  was she tired?  we weren’t out for very long…was her bag getting heavy?  ???  she did this a few times, and later,

when we got home, bf says, “mommie, do you know why i sat down when we were trick-or-treating?”  no, why bf?  “it’s because i had to go pee pee really bad.”  …

i guess nothing can keep a girl from getting her candy.

*and we shall end our session with the following…

here they are,  each pup obviously posing according to what they were supposed to be.  except for, little bg…”bg, be a dinosaur!”  but bg kept copying what oh-bbah was doing!  so here she is…bg, NINJA dino!


*now we shan’t talk of where i’ve been or why it’s taken so long to post- just taking it a day at a time i say…one day at a time…  😛

happy harvest!  i love this time of year.  xo


2 thoughts on “Happy Harvest!

  1. most certainly the cutest ninja, fairy, and dinosaur i’ve seen to date! h really has the best poses! HAHA bf trying to hold her pee by sitting down, i probably would’ve done the same. i wove your dinosaw, bg! how are they getting so biiiiiig

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