Giving Thanks

did you enjoy your thanksgiving?  here’s a little snapshot of our humble thanksgiving table this year…

and the happy family surrounding it!  (pretty centerpieces made by our 3 pups!)

due to a sick mommie (not to mention one who is “due” in four weeks now), we decided to stay home instead of traveling to and fro this year.  as much as we missed seeing our beloved families, it was actually quite nice to enjoy a “quiet” and peaceful (hahaha) thanksgiving at home, just the 5 of us, for the very first time.

and even though it wasn’t allll i hoped it to be, 😛  i managed to get a decent meal on the table thanks to a little help from a Honeybaked ham & turkey (my favorite turkey in the world).  our must-haves include halmoni’s (and papa’s) favorite creamed corn (Lawry’s secret recipe), hp’s fave, cornbread pudding, and everyone’s favorite, roasted brussel sprouts (or as bg says, “sprussel sprouts”) along with all of the usual fixin’s!

for a special treat and thanksgiving activity, i did something new this year and made freshly baked crescent rolls.  i wrote down what our pups were most thankful for this year and rolled them up into the rolls and baked them up!  bf wanted to open them all up at once to read.  😛  (unfortunately, the rolls didn’t puff up and taste as good as i hoped, but they were edible & the pups loved their little thanksgiving “game” and finding which ones were theirs!)

a couple of nights before, hudson and i peeled apples and baked our first apple pie together!  he doesn’t usually like sweets, but the boy does like his apple pie!  (of course, he still only took a couple of bites ;0).

papa read a passage of scripture, led us in a family prayer, and we all went around the table and shared what we were most thankful for…and we all agreed, we have so so much to be grateful for…we are so blessed!

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!  psalm 100.



2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. you’ll have to make the brussel sprouts for us one day! i’m wondering if any of us will like it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to the Kim Family! Miss you guys all soooo much.
    We will see you guys soon!

  2. you WOULD call this a “decent” meal, lynnie!! looks like a delicious feast to me!! aww hudson i will make you an apple pie too! sorry bg, i am not a fan of the sprussel sprouts. also, i feel like i have never seen S with his facial hair in real life. it always seems to disappear when i come over? oh the elusive goatee!

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