Merry Merry Christmas!

christmas is here!  christmas is here!!!photo(286)

photo(279)photo(278)what to do with all of that leftover halloween candy? = this year’s awesome graham cracker “gingerbread” house!  cut a half-gallon carton in half, use this full-proof/solid-as-a-rock frosting for gluing on grahams or cookies & all the fixin’s!  “mommie, can i eat this one?  just ooone more?!?”


our most beloved angel tree-topper &  “uncle joe, what does ‘oh fudge’ mean?”


this year’s christmas performance…the tiniest of them all singing “happy birthday jesus” and oh yeeah, some 80’s action!

IMG_9367IMG_9351IMG_9377do you “elf on the shelf?” our 3 pups take turns “hiding” him around the house for the others to find in the morning…and our annual favorite gift from our dear, dear friend… the most mahvolous (and this time, the fattest) tree ever!


silly pups…and yes, that is indeed shrimp tempura sitting on the christmas table…

photo(283)success!  papa’s in the kitchen prepping the rib roast (halmoni’s annual christmas tradtition), this year…  uncle joe says, “if you over-cook da meat, i’m goin’ home.  and i’m taking the presents with me.”  (as you can very well see, it came out “perfect” and very far from being over-cooked).


and this christmas’ best gift of all…baby joy’s first christmas!


another “best gift”: my darling hp’s carefully hand-made with lots of love & time pop-up card.  he said it was top-secret and placed it under the tree… oh that boy kills us!  and one of his favorite things to do these days…


awesome papa (the eggspert), who’s spending more time in the kitchen these days taking care of mommie,  whipped up some festive veggie omelets for breakfast…cinnamon toast mittens anyone?


“all i want for christmas are my two front teeth!”


“bf, what are you doing?”…”i’m being a reindeer!”…and, classic bf.


hope you had a wonderful christmas this year!  …don’t they just get better every year???  thank you God for JESUS- the BESTEST gift of all!  xo


2 thoughts on “Merry Merry Christmas!

  1. ok, i definitely never read this one til now!!!
    oh bf!!! ahahaha, she is too funny!
    love it all.
    and, what in the world. h’s performance!?? that picture made me lol for reals.
    can’t believe i miss so much 😦
    and yeah, and angel pic of bg! that is too funny too.
    miss you all ❤

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