The. NEVER-ENDING. Season.

this year, football season was sorta like looking down this tunnel…there seems to be a bright light up ahead, but will we ever get there?


well, i am happy to report, that get there we did, and even much further than we ever thought we would at that!  if you know us at all, you’ll know that things get rather busy for us from august till december.  why you ask?  the answer to that would be as bg would say, “papa’s FOOTBALL.”  if you ever asked her, “bg, where’s papa?”…no matter where he was, she’d reply with, “papa’s at football.”  for years now, papa s has loved and had the privilege of coaching hs football at the school.  it keeps him away from home for hours on end because of practice, coaches meetings, game days/nights, weekly dinners, watching game film, and not to mention trips in the summer.  other than all THAT, 😛 it really is and has been a fun and special part of our family’s life.


i’ll have to admit, there is the added bit of extra craziness at times, and believe me, i’ve had my moments.  *never give birth to a baby during or right at the start of the season. like our last two.  gracie was born late august, practically the day the season began that year.  this year, being pregnant and taking care of our 3 pups, some days i found myself waiting for s to rush home (which he always does, just because he is so awesome and can’t ever get enough of his family) and come through that front door from practice and relieve me.  but at the end of the day, we all love it.  no really, we do.  ;P


the games, cheering papa on, the pups getting to run around on the field during practice and hanging out in the coaches office while they wait for me to pick them up after school.  back when hudson was in kindergarten he would stay for practice and sit on the bleachers just watching, or imitate the players doing drills.  the players all know & love them and now as our pups are bigger, they just do their thing at the games!


bg.  future “cheeew-weedah!”


here she is doing a triple flip, double back-handspring.


doesn’t coach kim look cool?  i mean, just look at how he holds that clip board…


so this year, for whatever reason, we just couldn’t lose!  we made it to the championship game…and whoo hoo we won!  here we are, sitting in the rain…besides this brief moment where i snapped this shot, i basically held that umbrella over them while they ate snacks the entire time.


ooooooh so eerie in da mist…high fives all around!


oh joy… 😛


and yes, oh joy is right… unbeknownst to us,  we’d be rushing off to the hospital that very next morning, and joy baby was to be born!  since we won, we got to have another week of football…state semis here we come!  which meant a very tired coach papa falling asleep watching game film at night in the hospital while mommie stayed up pumping milk and feeding!  😛


and then, we won again, so yet another week!  state FINALS!!!  our school was one of only a few in the state still playing football this late in the year.  didn’t i say never-ending season?  the finals were held at the home depot center in oc.  that’s where that first shot of the tunnel above was taken.  it was pretty cool…our entire school got out early for the big game & uncle joe (another coach kim) took the kids up to support the team.  i really do wish i could’ve have gone too, but i was kinda busy nursing 24-7 and recovering from giving birth.

the home depot center locker room.  (don’t worry, no naked butts here).  and the light at the end of the tunnel…


here’s coach kim up in the box!  this is where he is for most of the game.  i think he looks rather official with his nifty press pass (or whatever you call it) don’t you?  i ought to mention that sweetie really is one of the best coaches everrr.  trust me.  he coached me back in the day when some of us girls played flag football so i know!  he used to yell at us and we’d secretly really like it.  oh yeah baby- talk about championships!  😛


and there he is pre-game on the far right…


sadly, our season ended with a loss, but it was quite the experience and don’t forget- papa still gets that championship ring!


we ALL (including papa) couldn’t decide what to celebrate more…the fact that we made it soooo far or that the season finally came to an end!  (i know which one i was happy about!  j/k.  kekeke)

cif champs!


congratulations coach…hooray for a great season!

(and hooray! it’s ovaaaah!)  😛


3 thoughts on “The. NEVER-ENDING. Season.

  1. hahaha the never ending season!! looks like joy baby was getting tired of being inside your bellay during all that action!
    ps. don’t you hate it when your glasses get all wet with rain drops?! can’t see a thing in them.

  2. what a season it was!! glad we got to go to a game, but oh so crazy that BJ decides to come out early and all. Need more entries!!

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