joy-baby love!


so…we’ve been just a leeeetle bit OBSESSED with this little one lately.  yes, our precious joy-baby has officially stolen our hearts and we just can’t get enough of her!  our actually-not-quite-so-little-anymore baby is not only growing in stature, but into quite a character!  with her playful cat-like voice (“rrrreeeeaaaarrr!”), fun-loving, rascal-ly nature and easy-going spirit, this girl definitely (more than) lives up to her name.  funny how their personalities show so early on!

**warning: serious baby joy photo overload …



**could this one look any more like her brother?  ever since she was born, we have always said that joy not only looks just like hudson, but has the same temperment (praise God).  😛  we joke that she is the closest thing to having a boy…and not just any boy mind you. a hudson-kinda-boy.  (just not, a boy).  not that we have anything against girls around here or anything.  :0)


(that would be hudson on the left.  amazing isn’t it!?!  that smile!  the hair! = twinsies!  something tells me they just might have a special relationship one day.*)


**joy has very easily made her way into this family as pup number four and we simply couldn’t imagine life without her!



**since day one, papa has been s m i t t e n with his littlest of pups.

IMG_20130111_094415needless to say, he’s a goner.


**and me too, of course.  that just goes without saying!  (but what’s with the same expression looking both ways mommie)???


**we’ve all got baby joy fever!  ……fevah!


**biggest sister faith (who will always and forever will be our little “baby faith!”)  is the most caring, thoughtful, and nurturing little 5-year old i know.  she couldn’t love her baby sister more.




**during the school year, little-big sister gracie gets to spend the most time with her joy-baby.


**she likes to dance and sing for baby joy whenever she hears her crying (which truth be told, isn’t very often :P).  but most of the time, she dances and sings anyways just because she loves to.  plus, she is just so very happy-go-lucky like that.


as bg has recently taken to calling her, “joy-joy!” will be 8 months old in just a few days!  8 months!!!!  how can this be!?!  my last post was written months ago! …in january!  actually, i have recently been updating our family’s life and posting photos on instagram instead, because plain and simple, it’s way faster (so for all five or so of you who actually read this blog, you may find some of these photos redundant).


there have been SO many special occasions, birthdays, celebrations, and fun things to post about too- ahhhh!!!  so much of why i keep this blog is just for my own record, a family album of sorts- so i hope to do a little catch-up/at least keep-up in the following weeks (Lord-willing, fingers crossed :P) so we won’t miss any more!


**life with FOUR you say?  we just wouldn’t have it any other way!

IMG_20130427_010238 (2)

**oh, just hanging out…


**assume the sleep position!… joy absolutely LOVES being in her crib.  she loves sleeping in it, she loves playing and just hanging out in it!  in fact, more often than not, with the slightest of “eh” sounds she tells us, “it’s time, i’m ready, i’d like to go back in now.”  and this is only after an hour of wake time outside of her crib (including her feeding)!  i mean!!!  while she certainly isn’t perfect, we know that we have been beyond blessed with such an awesome girl.


**this past year our bigger pups have really gotten into playing board games!  (SO FUN).  which calls for plenty of popcorn and family game nites!  this all includes baby joy too of course…


**there have (surprisingly) been a good number of family photos taken!  (most often forced by moi :P, but then we wouldn’t have any would we now ahem?)  couldn’t go without including one here now could i?  this one’s from bj’s 100th day dinner and birth announcement.


**finally, and easily one of our favorites… four little ducklings, all in a row…


**there are soooooo TOO MANY pictures to post!  but i shall spare you till the next time…

that is, after just one laaaast one!  😛


so very thankful, so very blessed…we love you joy-pup!!!  xo


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